Alessandra Leão – Pedra de Sal

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After the album “Dois Cordões” from 2009 Alessandra Leão. just released the first of a trilogy of EPs that features other excellent musicians such as Caçapa, Juçara Marçal and Kiko Dinucci.
Check more info on Sounds & Colours.

Download for free from her website.

Sacassaia – Boca da Terra

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Great new album from Brasílias Sacassaia out now.

Download for free from their website.

Criolo – Convoque Seu Buda

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Criolo just released his new album which contains apart of Hip Hop and Rap as well MPB, Samba and Afro(beat). He counts with the participation of Tulipa Ruiz, Money Mark, Juçara Marçal, Kiko Dinucci, Rodrigo Campos and Síntese.

Download for free from his website or stream it from Youtube:

Maning Nice Mixtape

•October 16, 2014 • 1 Comment

A mixtape with Mozambican stuff like Pandza, Afro House and Bondoro.

01. 3 MOZquiteiros – Tsova (D.E.P. Zaida e Carlos lhongo)
02. One Two feat. Mr Kuka – Tá na moda
03. Mega Jotta – Miguelita
04. Dama do Bling – Ivannea – Niggas que cheiram a catinga (feat. Denny OG)
05. Gasso – Tai Xi Pandza
06. Mr. Kuka feat. Hawaio – Ni Lava We
07. Liloca feat. Mr. Kuka – Tá Bater
08. Dayto & DJ Ivan 90 feat. Wes – Mizobiya (Remix)
09. KK Angel feat. Mr. Bow – Unidade Nacional
10. Lagartos Bondoristas – Bondoro
11. Mr. Bow – Mukonwana
12. DJ Faya feat. Rainha da Sucata – DJs Comprovados
13. Spectro Inc. – Estas a jingar
14. Deejay Loyd-B – Bondoro
15. Azagaia – Jihad Lírico

Afroelectro – Mocambo EP

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Afroelectro just released the EP Mocambo with five unreleased tracks that have been recorded live in the studio. This EP is registering the work between the first and the second album showing the new tracks in its purest and most organic way.

Free download from their website.

Etnohaus Vol. 1 – As bordas da boca

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Etnohaus is a physical space and collective for artistic and cultural production that is made for the exchange of experiences and reflections on the contemporary creative urban environment. People related to the maintenance of the independent art scene circulate and articulate in the house establishing partnerships and collaborating in their productive processes. They released for free download this compilation of bands that rehearsal there or are associated to the collective in another way.

Goma-Laca – Afrobrasilidades em 78 RPM

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Goma-Laca is a kind of research center dedicated to discover Brazilian music from the first half of the last century that is registered in 78 RPM shellac records (goma laca in Portuguese). Since 2009 the journalists Ronaldo Evangelista and Biancamaria Binazzi look for an exchange between archives and approaches, eras and generations, investigating contexts and contemporaneities that they realize radio programs, articles, music selections, records and shows.
They started by publishing on the website recordings found in public and private collections including the first releases of Afrobrazilian music ever. In 2011, the project Goma Laca Vol. 1 focused on a library created in 1935 and developed together with the Cultural Center of São Paulo a partnership for a concert and a radio program about the history of music of African origin registered on Brazilian records.
For the show the instrumental group Sambanzo led by Thiago França and including Kiko Dinucci invited Emicida, Juçara Marçal, Marcelo Pretto, Luisa Maita, Bruno Morais and Rodrigo Brandão for recontextualizing the Brazilian music production of the times of the gramophone.

That concept went further in February 2014 with the recordings of the album “Afrobrasilidades em 78 rpm” that presents reinventions based on Candomblé, Capoeira, Jongos, Coco-Rojão, Emboladas and Choros from the decades of 1920 to 1950. The musical direction and arrangements are in charge of Letieres Leite and this time the invited vocalists are Karina Buhr, Lucas Santtana, Russo Passapusso and Juçara Marçal. Together with the band they created a spiritual-jazzistic sound with Afro-Bahian rhythms that resulted in a new way of Brazilian music from the first half of the 20th century. With collective creativity they find new significations between origins and actuality.
Download the album for free from their website.
You can listen to the original songs here and the booklet contains interesting information of the roots and routs of the compositions.


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