I​.​F​.​Á. Afrobeat & Okwei V. Odili

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The band I​.​F​.​Á. Afrobeat from Salvador/Bahia State just released his first EP featuring Nigerian singer Okwei V. Odili. Apart of Afrobeat, Ijexá and Funk they insert elements of Dub and Reggae confirming the importance of the historic link between black cultures of the diaspora.

Free download here

Batavia Beats Mixtape

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Mixtape of Hip Hop and Rap stuff from Jakarta, formerly known as Batavia.

1. Sweet Martabak – Ada Sumur Di Ladang
2. Saykoji – So Wat Gitu Loh
3. Rotra – Jagal Prabu
4. Saykoji – Eyyo
5. 2nd Clan – Benthik
6. Too Phat – Nasty Girl
7. Ahli Fiqir – Inilah Barisan Kita
8. Panji – Bajak Lagu Ini

Alessandra Leão – Aço

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After Pedra de Sal Alessandra Leão just released the second EP within her new creative cycle of three releases. She uses as main references street and ritual music of Northeastern Brazil, but the presence of popular culture does not bring folklore.

Free download from her website.

Höröya – Mansa Fela

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The new Afro-Brazilian Band Höröya from São Paulo wants to re-frame the origins and influences of African and Afro-Brazilian cultures in a new format. Made up of Brazilians, Senegalese and Guineans they reinforce the cultural dialogue between Brazil and the African continent. The name of the band is of Mandeng origin and means freedom and autonomy.

This mini-documentary is only in Portuguese:

Macumbia – Carne Latina

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Macumbia is a band based in Joao Pessoa in Northeastern Brazil. They mix Caribbean and Latin with traditional Brazilian rhythms. As the groups members are from different cultures and nationalities such as Brazil, Venezuela and North America the lyrics are in Spanish, Portuguese and English. They believe in the union of the Latin American people through music.

Download their second album for free from their website.

Rafa Dias – CaYndo em CaYmmi

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Rafa Dias who is one of the main heads of the Bass scene in Salvador, capital of Bahia State in Brazil. He comes here up with very interesting tracks he produced with samples from Bahias music master Dorival Caymmi. Brazilian old school music meets Trap, Funk Carioca and other electronic sub genres.

Iconili – Piacó

•April 7, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Iconili is a band from Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais State in Brazil. After their debut album “Tupi Novo Mundo” from 2013 they just released their second long player. Still based mainly on Afrobeat they go further in this excellent work adding to the Afro references Jazz and Funk, but especially Brazilian ingredients like Carimbó, Samba and Minas Sound creating a mixture psychedelically tropical.

Free download here.


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