Russo Passapusso – Paraíso da Miragem

•September 10, 2014 • 1 Comment

Known for being lead vocalist at BaianaSystem and Bemba Trio one would expect from Russo Passapussos debut album some Reggae, Dub and Dancehall infused Bahian music or the like, but it’s not. Produced by Curumin, Zé Nigro and Lucas Martins he rereads vintage MPB, Samba, Funk and Rock with special participations of BNegão, Edgard Scandurra, Anelis Assumpção e Marcelo Jeneci.

Download for free from his website.

André Sampaio & Os AfroMandinga – Desaguou

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André Sampaio is lead guitarist of one of the most popular Roots Reggae bands from Brazil, “Ponto de Equilibrio”, and a pioneer of the new wave of Brazilian musicians working with Afrobeat. But the ingredients used for his first solo album “Desauguou” do not finish here. Jazz, Blues, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, Dub and Samba are also part of the explosive and diversified mixture that he and his band brew together. Counting with the participation of guest musicians from Brazil, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mozambique and Portugal André Sampaio says he is dedicated to contructing a bridge to “unite tradition and modernity, africanity and brazilianess through sound”.

Mixed in big by Buguinha Dub the record gains a 60s/70s flavor and extra Dub versions from Brazil’s Dub master.
Apart of own songs the album counts with two cover tracks from Jorge Bem and Nelson Cavaquinho.

Free download from his website.

Anelis Assumpção e os Amigos Imaginários

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Very nice fusion of Reggae and Dub with Brazilian and other latinamerican music from Sao Paulo based singer Anelis‘ second album.

Free download from her website.

w∆lla-C – T∆mborimOdyssey

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“wΔlla| C is an MC/Beatmaker from Rio de Janeiro, now resident in Perth WA. Producing beats for over 2 years now, he draws from diverse influences such as jazz, funk, blaxploitation, afrofuturism, glitch, lo-fi beats, afrobeat, brazilian folk, amongst others.
T∆mborimOdyssey consists of 6 instrumental tracks combining rap beats, traditional brazilian music, synths and textures. The work implies a suave atmosphere with acoustic guitars, percussion and striking samba rhythms.”

Free download from his Bandcamp page.

Wired for Sounds: Mozambique

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Wired for Sound is a very nice and interesting project and recordings in Northern Mozambique.
Check out their interview for The Guardian.

Funk Carioca Hybrid 20: disque DJ – Mambo Latino (Feat. Frank Pavo Hernández)

•July 12, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Bmore Mambo goes Funk Carioca!

Naurêa – Na Dansanteria

•May 6, 2014 • Leave a Comment

NaurÊa from Aracajú (capital of Sergipe State in the Northeast of Brazil) plays what they call Sambaião. As the name already suggests, it’s a mixture of Samba and Baião (one of the music styles that later became Forró), but that’s not all. The band receives other influences from Brazil and abroad: from African elements, Reggaeton, Caribbean guitars from Pará State, to Rap, among others. The idea is to show the potential of Forró creating an own sound with local accent.

With their new EP they invite to enter the “Dansanteria”, a mix of the words “dança” (dance), “santeria” (path of the gods) and “danceteria” (discotheque).



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