Japanese Jazz Compilation

This is a compilation of japanese Jazz I made some years ago for friends.

01. Keitaro Miho & Jazz Eleven – Unknown Tracktitle
02. Yosuke Yamashita – Kurdish Dance
03. Tee & Company – Combo ’77
04. Masahiko Satoh – Cajuput Trip
05. Naoya Wada Quintet – Sunset On The Street
06. Nobuo Hara And His Sharps – Sohran Bushi
07. Hino-Kikuchi Quintet – Tender Passion
08. Takashi Mizuhashi – So What


For Mac users (single file):

4 Responses to Japanese Jazz Compilation

  1. Avatar Simone E.
    Simone E. says:

    It’s really nice! I’m going to sleep now, but I won’t turn off my mp3 player. I want more soundgoods!;)

  2. Hey dude, welcome to blogging!

    I’ll have a shot at downloading your compo when I get the chance, sounds interesting. Any post on japanese music is always welcome.

  3. Hey birdseed!
    Thanks for checking my blog!
    Come back soon!

  4. I like the edgy “Death Jazz” sound from Soil and Pimp sessions, they’re so cool