A Base Baile Funk 2008

This is a version of the tamborzinho beat that dominated the Funk Carioca (or Baile Funk) scene in Rio in 2008. It is a beatbox version of the tamborzão beat. The voice is from Mr. Catra and it has been originally produced by DJ Sandrinho, but I don’t know who made this more percussive version that I like most.

For all producers, remixers & mash-uppers out there get a lot of samples of the tamborzinho beat here. I will be very happy if you would send me a track that uses those samples and maybe it’s possible to post something in the Funk Carioca Hybrid series on this blog.

If you want to check more rcent Funk Carioca go to this site where you will find tons of MP3s (although unfortunately often bad quality) straight out of the favelas. So no Pop Funk Carioca or the stuff for the international crowd. But be aware that most of the lyrics are sexually explicit and/or make references to gangs and crime, the so-called proibidão.

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