Descarga Sonidera

When I was showing my friend Maga Bo the CDs I bought recently in Mexico City and asked him which one he wanted to check out he selected straight the one with the cyber chicks on the cover. We both had no idea what will be on that, but were quite surprised. Check it out too!

3 Responses to Descarga Sonidera

  1. hey guys! i love this blog since…ever ha! i’m always downloading everything you post and sometimes i use it on my mixtapes,

    i have a blog too called Cooliado,it’s pretty new (4 months) but it’s going well, better than i tought before doing it

    so congrats my friend for the great posts you make

    kisses from argentina

  2. Avatar saravicious
    saravicious says:

    Hey, this blog is awesome, I just recently came upon it and am now gonna visit it regularly. I do a weekly international hip hop show at a local university, so this blog is a gold mine.

    Thanks for the awesome work!!!

  3. Avatar DirtySalsa
    DirtySalsa says:

    tremendo blog!!