Tribalismo Tropical Mixtape

This quite new sound from Mexico has been referred to as “Tribal Guarachero” on Dutty Artz and other sites, but when I asked around the CD sellers in D.F./Mexico I just saw question marks in their faces. They just called it Tribal. But maybe the problem was my Spanish… Anyway, Paul Devro who posted a great Mix of the stuff on Mad Decent isn’t sure either how to call it. For me it’s Technocumbia or Tribalcumbia!


01. Danza Azteca
02. La Culebrita
03. DJ Retro – Babaninko
04. Chango
05. El Ballo
06. DJ Retro – Guarachosa
07. El Ritmo De La Petaka Tribal
08. DJ Gato – Topota Madre
09. Danza
10. Damas Gratis – Se Te Ve La Tanga
11. A Ritmo De Los Manos
12. Cumbia Tribal
13. Vamos A Bailar
14. Vive La Fiesta
15. Prehispanik
16. DJ Sobrino – Automation
17. Oaxaqueño

Thanks to Robin from Filet Mignon for the grafics, foto © SoundGoods.

13 Responses to Tribalismo Tropical Mixtape

  1. downloading now man. I think i will come to rio in march.. i will be in colombia for two months so might as well make it one more in brazil.

  2. Technocumbia … loving it!!!

  3. oh man … this is too out there, i am tripping out, “muevo tu perbo? qi ambo?” what !! 😀

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  5. heavy stuff, wolfie!

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  8. gut, maan –
    o gringão

  9. increiiibllllleeee!!!!!

  10. Yoo I still listen to this mix man!! love this shit!!

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    joevee says:


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