Positivo is a multicultural music project with five ingredients: Roots Afro Beat from Mozambique, Rocking blues from Austria, Reggae dub live, hip-hop and french contemporary punk jazz.
But it’s not only about music, from their website:

“Associação Positivo Moçambique is a group of artists and activists created in 2007 with the aim of using music in a truly unique participatory approach for HIV/AIDS campaigns and awareness raising. Using music as a tool for social change Positivo has developed a method for highly effective public health messaging in Mozambique. Positivo listen to communities and record their lyrics with powerful and relevant messages about HIV/AIDS. We do not impose messages from outside. We work together with communities, have them raise questions and work together on a knowledge basis to reduce misunderstanding and myths on HIV/AIDS topics.”

Here are some tracks of their album “No Time” that has been released in early 2009 on Guten Tag Verlag:

Positivo – Passane Pão (Download or listen)

Positivo – Africa (Dub Version) (Download or listen)

And get more tracks and recordings on their website.


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