Tecno Brega News

It seems that Tecno Brega/Electro Melody continues on the list of the genres to keep an eye on. Blogs and magazines regularly post about it, like Man Recordings, The Wire and The Uncool Hunter, for example. João Brasil as well made a nice mixtape with tracks of one of the best Tecno Brega producers, DJ Waldo Squash. There you already listen to what is the new thing in Belém: The producers mix Tecno Brega with other Latin music styles. Check more examples here:

Another news is that Tecno Brega is getting more popular outside of the Amazon region in Brasil. DJ Wald Squash played at the aniversary edition of Dancing Cheetah party in Rio. Banda Uó from Goiânia are not only touring Brazil, but as well have the potential to become what Bonde do Rolé was for Baile Funk: a band from out of the original context that adapts a local sound and brings it to the world. Let’s see what will happen!

To be up-to-date with Tecno Brega, get more tunes here:

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