Bixiga 70 (2013)

New album by Modern Brazilian Afrobeat pioneers Bixiga 70: Download for free.

“The music is instrumental, but the message is clear. Bixiga 70 releases his second album: the groove became heavier, guitars and keyboards are now on the front line along with the brass; percussion, bass and drums drive the arrangements without massage. Anger spreads the tones, the melodic lines, the riffs – the temperature rose overall. Terreiro, Jamaica, jazzy dynamics, Pará, Ethiopia and a climate of “blaxploitation à brasileira” mingle with balance. The influence of Afrobeat – above the critical acclaim of the first disc, 2011 – now is diluted in a sea of ​​references and the sound reached identifies the band as a fingerprint. Africa, after all, is the whole world.”