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  • Punta de Perlas Mixtape

    The Garifuna people is a black ethnic group that has a quite turbulent history. They are a mix of shipwrecked slaves, Arawak and Carib Indians from Saint Vincent, but have never been enslaved. After the British definitely took control over the island, they where deported to Roatán Island/Honduras from where they spread over the Caribbean coast of Central America, mainly Belize, Honduras and Nicaragua. Their rich cultural heritage has been recognized by UNESCO in 2001. Their traditional music styles are Punta and Paranda. From the 80ies on Punta developed into what nowadays is called Punta Rock. This style incorporates elements from other Caribbean genres such as Soca and Salsa.
    The tracks of this Mix of Punta Rock have been gathered mostly with a local DJ from Laguna de Perlas/Nicarágua where the cover foto has been shot too.

  • Chillumbia Mixtape

    A guest mixtape with some chilled out Cumbia for the 34 Mag from Minsk for their New Years Eve (pre/after)party special which features more mixtapes from Stereobeaver, KorneJ and others as well.


    01. Rafael Aragon – Mi Secreto
    02. DJ Nirso – Cumbiambera Tripolar (Señor Chancho Remix)
    03. Los Titanes – Linda Yolita
    04. Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia – Tierra madre
    05. DJ Neber – Ven Mi Amore
    06. El Remolón – El Preferido (Qechuaboi remix)
    07. SidiRum – La Danza De Las Trompas (Cocotaxi Remix)
    08. Tribilin Sound – Barrancore (TropiKhongo Remix)
    09. Reptilian Commander – Kay Pacha
    10. Panther Panther! – Sueños Profundos
    11. Cuerdas de Venezuela – La Arpita Mágica (El Búho Remix)
    12. frijoleroryddim – Zouk-Tiken jah-Amadou Et Mariam-Salif Keita (Cumbia Edit)
    13. Panchasila – Lam Pheune (Cumbia Molam)

  • Tsonga Dance Mixtape

    The high speed lo-fi music from South Africa called Shangaan Electro came to the ears of a wider global public with the release of a compilation in 2010 and due to its insane dance style. Created by Nozinja (watch him in the video below) this music style combines uptempo midi beats with marimbas, African chants and traditional influences from the Shangaan/Tsonga people of Eastern South Africa. The mixtape presents a selection of this pure craziness I grabbed when visiting Soweto some years ago.


  • Navigating N/E Mixtape

    A mixtape celebrating the release of Kafundó Vol. 3 which navigates through a cocktail of various musical flavors between electronic and roots sounds from the North and Northeast of Brazil.


    01. DJ ChicoCorrea – Manganga
    02. Radiola Serra Alta – Coco de Nosso Senhor
    03. Opanijé – Vamuinvadi (part. Loquaz)
    04. FurmigaDub – Ciranda Bacana
    05. Bemba Trio – Melô do Vatapá (Lucio K Remix)
    06. Nirso – Tranca Rua
    07. DJ MAM – Coco de Itaparica (DJ Incidental Remix)
    08. Lord Breu – Dendê
    09. naurÊa – Xangô na Dansanteria
    10. Mestre Cupijó – Tahira Remix
    11. Caapora – Baião de Veraneio
    12. Silvério Pessoa – Mix Raça
    13. Mohandas – Saudades do Pará
    14. Coletivo di Tambor – Todo Mundo Samba
    15. Rimas.INC. – 8tavão (Clécio Rimas Ft. Thiago Martins)
    16. B.Réu – Maracatu Dirty
    17. Nego Edmundo & Monstruoso Sistema de Som – Ciranda (Vocal Mix)
    18. BaianaSystem – SYSTEMA FOBICA (ubaranamaralina)

  • Batavia Beats Mixtape

    Mixtape of Hip Hop and Rap stuff from Jakarta, formerly known as Batavia.

    1. Sweet Martabak – Ada Sumur Di Ladang
    2. Saykoji – So Wat Gitu Loh
    3. Rotra – Jagal Prabu
    4. Saykoji – Eyyo
    5. 2nd Clan – Benthik
    6. Too Phat – Nasty Girl
    7. Ahli Fiqir – Inilah Barisan Kita
    8. Panji – Bajak Lagu Ini

  • Maning Nice Mixtape

    A mixtape with Mozambican stuff like Pandza, Afro House and Bondoro.

    01. 3 MOZquiteiros – Tsova (D.E.P. Zaida e Carlos lhongo)
    02. One Two feat. Mr Kuka – Tá na moda
    03. Mega Jotta – Miguelita
    04. Dama do Bling – Ivannea – Niggas que cheiram a catinga (feat. Denny OG)
    05. Gasso – Tai Xi Pandza
    06. Mr. Kuka feat. Hawaio – Ni Lava We
    07. Liloca feat. Mr. Kuka – Tá Bater
    08. Dayto & DJ Ivan 90 feat. Wes – Mizobiya (Remix)
    09. KK Angel feat. Mr. Bow – Unidade Nacional
    10. Lagartos Bondoristas – Bondoro
    11. Mr. Bow – Mukonwana
    12. DJ Faya feat. Rainha da Sucata – DJs Comprovados
    13. Spectro Inc. – Estas a jingar
    14. Deejay Loyd-B – Bondoro
    15. Azagaia – Jihad Lírico

  • Suena Pacífico Mixtape

    Mixtape of Afro-Colombian music from the Pacific coast, basically Currulao and Chirimía.

    Latino Resiste released in 2012 an excellent compilation (Root A Pacífica) with remixes of those styles and learn more about Colombian music and culture in Sounds and Colours’ book on Colombia.

    Cover foto taken from a live performance of Las Rucas.

    1. Amarildo y su Son Guerrero – Currulao pa Chango
    2. La Bruja Embustera
    3. Facunda
    4. José H. Mena – Sabor a currulao
    5. Caderona
    6. Lucy – El Martes Al Amanecer
    7. Bello Litoral
    8. El Birimbi
    9. La Vamo a Tumba
    10. El Tate Quieto
    11. Chirimia en Festival
    12. Borracho y Amanecido
    13. Abuelo
    14. El hombre ajeno
    15. La Culebra
    16. Miedo en el Monte
    17. Unknown

  • KiSemba Mixtape

    Mixtape of Semba and Kizomba, two native rhythms of Angola. The latter is similar to Zouk whereas the first has the same origins as Brazilian Samba. You hear a lot of elements known from Latin-Caribbean sounds reflecting the strong African influence and connection between musical styles of both regions.

    01. Grupo Kituxi – Pedro Dya Nganhala
    02. Ene Alengue
    03. Trícia Almeida – Onda Larga
    04. Jivago – Avô Téte
    05. Yuri Da Cunha – Kuma
    06. Puto Prata – Não Se Metem Comigo (Feat. Aleluia)
    07. Kamba Dia Muenhu
    08. Kintino – Krukutetas
    09. Kristo – Hoje É Hoje
    10. Karina Santos – Sangue Bom
    11. Dias Rodrigues – Kalumba
    12. Proletário – Kimbombeia
    13. Caló Pascoal – Ku Marimba
    14. Beto De Almeida & Rei Helder – Aamigo Do Amigo
    15. Dominguinho – Nzala

  • Afrobeat BR Mixtape

    Brazilian music is known for its vast influences from Africa, but how about Afrobeat? Well, the slaves that brought African music to Brazil were deported from their homeland until one century before Fela Kuti and Tony Allen invented the explosive mixture of Jazz, Funk, Soul and African rhythms. In the late 60ies Brazilian musicians were looking much more to the US and Europe and there was not much more than Gilberto Gil in the 70ies and then Nação Zumbi in the 90ies that got inspired by West-African Afrobeat. But there is a very interesting recording before that time: The song “Liberdade” from Orquestra Afro-Brasileiro (1957) has amazing similarities with “Shenshema” by Fela Kuti. Their whole album “Obaluaye!” is a surprising mixture of jazzy arrangements and African rhythms that by that time was very innovative as African percussion was regarded to be “barbaric” whereas piano and saxophone were “civilized” instruments.
    Since a few years the Afrobeat revival reached Brazil too and well known artists like MPB singer Vanessa da Mata, rapper Criolo or Céu use elements from Afrobeat in their music and there is a bunch of other artists doing so as well that are less known internationally. And with Bixiga 70 and the Abayomy Afrobeat Orchestra Brazil has at least two bands dedicated to play Afrobeat at full power.


    01. André Abujamra – Origem
    02. BNegão & Os Seletores De Frequência – Bass Do Tambô
    03. A Roda – 26
    04. Afroelectro – Padinho
    05. Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra – Eru
    06. Bixiga 70 – Tema Di Malaika
    07. Rodrigo Campos – Sou de Salvador
    08. Lucas Santtana – Músico
    09. Pipo Pegoraro – Sofia
    10. Tonho Crocco – Abre-Alas (O Carro Destemido)
    11. Rabujah – O Que Meu Samba Tem
    12. André Sampaio & Os Afro Mandinga – Bumaye
    13. Anelis Assumpção – Sonhando

  • Eletro Pankadão Mixtape

    While Funk Carioca is stagnating or even declining in Rio, it becomes treated in other parts of Brazil. Eletro Funk is made in Brazilian states such as Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul, Acre and Tocantins and is a mix of Funk Carioca and Electro/House Beats. Unfortunately the lyrics are as prejudiced macho and sexist style as its archetype…

    01. Bonde do Tigrão – Só as Cachorras (DJ Daniel Remix)
    02. Dança da Cordinha (Remix)
    03. Curtir a Vida (Remix)
    04. Unknown
    05. Mr. Catra (DJ Marcio JF Eletro Funk Remix)
    06. Os Caçadores – Zuação (DJ Daniel Borges Eletro Funk Mix)
    07. DJ Leonardo
    08. MC Luan – E So Pentada Violenta (DJ Marcos Paulo Eletro Remix)
    09. MC Marcelly – Uh Aceita (Remix)
    10. Gaiola das Popozudas – Quero Te Dar (Remix)
    11. DJ Luis Paulo MD

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