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  • Jogja Joy Mixtape

    Selection of some Indonesian stuff: Dangdut, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, Chill…

    01. Unknown
    02. Jambu Alas
    03. Darso – Sarua Jeung Bohong
    04. Ki Djarot feat. Jogja Hiphop – Jogja Istimewa
    05. Jahanam – Cintamu Sepahit Topi Miring
    06. Saykoji – Anak Singkong
    07. Ras Muhammad – Run Dat (Big Tune)
    08. Tony Q Rastafara – Lop Song
    09. Back 2 Soul – Jablay
    10. Bojo Nakal feat. Susan
    11. Cak Diqin – Sepur Argo Lawu
    12. Rama Sinta – Uun K
    13. Eny Sagita & Cak Rul – Wahenong Wektu

  • Belém da Bahia Mixtape

    I already posted some Tecno Brega tracks that are mixed with other latin american styles. Here comes a minimixtape with Axé Melody, a fusion of Axé, a very popular style from Salvador da Bahia, and Tecno Brega/Eletro Melody.


    1. DJ Malboy – Vai Começar
    2. Marlon Branco – Tremendinha
    3. Axé Melody Da Sanfona Do POP 2011
    4. DJ Moisés – Vôo Elétrico Do Rubi
    5. DJ VAN & DJ LDN – Bar Do Papel
    6. DJ Waldo Squash – Curtição Da Night
    7. Os Incríveis Do Melody – Balança e Faz o S
    8. Triiio Do Remix³ – Falta De Você
    9. Claudia Leite – Famosa (DJ Edy Axé Melody Remix)

  • Sabor Sonidero Mixtape

    Cumbia Sonidera in Mexico City is a kind of what Cumbia Villera is in Buenos Aires: originated from Colombian Cumbia it has been transformed in the marginalized settlements. Its sound is characterized by slow beats, long instrumental parts and voices often deformed by effects giving it sometimes even a dub feeling. In huge venues, the DJs (sonideros) play it in their sets together with other music styles as well as a lot of jingles and shouts greeting the community and announcing other parties etc.


    01. Grupo Maravilla De Robin Revilla – Viva Mexico
    02. Grupo La Cumbia – Yambao
    03. Robotica
    04. Estrellas De La Kumbia – Cumbia Aventura
    05. La Cumbia Dance – Real Cumbia Dance
    06. La Cumbia Torera
    07. Grupo Majezza – La Cumbia De Los Puchikas
    08. Princesa Talibana
    09. Sonido Santana – Cumbia De Los Efectos Especiales
    10. Lo Que Traje De Colombia
    11. Los Cholos Tambien Lloran

  • Copacabana Road Mixtape

    August 17 of 1960 is often referred to as the birthday of The Beatles because they played their first show in Hamburg where their career kicked off. As everywhere in the world, the Fab Four were big in Brazil and a lot of bands appeared that simply covered their songs and that of other groups of that time. They often translated the lyrics into portuguese and the most curious are maybe The Brazilian Beatles, see video below. To celebrate the 50th anniversary I selected and mixed some rather reinterpretations than mere cover versions by Brazilian artists.


    01. Bem Bolado – With A Little Help From My Friends
    02. Os Sambeatles – All My Loving
    03. Zumba Cinco – A Hard Day’s Night
    04. Manfredo Fest – Something
    05. Bossa Rio – Eleanor Rigby
    06. Vox Populi – Here, There And Everywhere
    07. Wilson Das Neves – Come Together
    08. Formiga E Sua Orchestra – Hey Jude
    09. Rogério Duprat & Os Mutantes – Lady Madonna
    10. Rita Lee – And I Love Him
    11. Elis Regina – Golden Slumbers
    12. Milton Nascimento – Norwegian Wood

    Don’t miss to check João Brasil’s great Funk Carioca Mashups “Let It Baile”.


    Many thanks to Robin from Filet Mignon for the realization of the cover!

  • Dale Tumbao Mixtape

    Mixtape of Mexican Reggaeton. Actually I am not sure if it is all Mexican, but at least I got the stuff there and as there is not much info on artists in the tags, it’s difficult to check.


    01. Somo De La Calle
    02. DJ Rasec – La Cumbia Drums
    03. Pam Pa’ Las Mujeres
    04. DJ Kachorro & DJ Chango – Tumbao Oriental
    05. DJ Pablito – Muevete Suave (Original Reggaeton Mix)
    06. Urbek DJ – Bien Tumbao (Remix)
    07. Que No Pare El Bailoteo
    08. Dale Movimiento
    09. Vamos Rumbiar
    10. Quiero Saber Donde Están
    11. Muevete Con El Cu
    12. Mega y Kenai – Me La Voy A Comer
    13. Quiere Mi Cosita

    And for all the football freaks I highly recommend my buddy DJ 440’s World Cup Mixtape full of Brazilian goodies.

  • Funk Carioca 2009 Mixtape

    Actually not much happened in the Funk Carioca scene in 2009, already mentioned here for example. Most of the tracks use the aquecimento beat, vocals are just reduced frases and shouts and the lyrics are mostly putaria.
    But fortunately there have been some interesting tracks as well for different reasons, but especially some that are mixed with or refer to other music styles. Check the brief information that comes with the tracks.


    1. Grupo Revelação vs. Vai Novinha (Montagem)
    A remix using parts of a song of the pagode supergroup Revelação.

    2. Os Caçadores – Descendo e Mexendo Ombrinho

    3. Andrezinho Shock – Passinho do Kuduro
    The lyrics refer to the new fashion Kuduro in Brazil. But as far as I know no real musical interchange in terms of mixing the styles of Kuduro and Funk Carioca happened so far. Check this post here for a discussion on what is a passinho.

    4. Bonde Do Super Homem (Montagem)
    Making montagens (remixes/mashups) with the soundtrak of blockbuster movies is almost a tradition in Funk Carioca, like Indiana Jones or Star Wars.

    5. Dennis DJ & MC Maiquinho – Prende Na Rave
    A try of a Funk Carioca techno rave track… MC Maiquinho has been the shooting star in 2009.

    6. MC Buiú – Balança mas não para
    Uses drum samples of the famous Samba-Reggae band Olodum. The track has been recently treated by João Brasil in his crazy project of 365 mashups in 2010. The track is a little bit older…

    7. Salgueiro Campeão 2009 (Montagem)
    A montagem of the most popular Funk track of 2009 (Salgueiro é o caldeirão) with the song of the winning samba school of the carnival 2009 .

    8. Movimento Funk – Movimento Pela Paz
    Various MCs teamed up for a track asking for less violence in police operations in favelas. This track is from 2008 as far as I know.

    9. Cidinho – Dinheiro é foda
    One of my favourite MCs rapping about the good and bad sides of money. Funk Consciente (“Conscious Funk”, with socially critical lyrics) is unfortunately totally out of fashion, this is one of the few tracks of this kind of 2009.

    10. Taty & As Gulosas – Não solta não


    But most probably the craziest Funk Carioca track of 2009 features Brazil’s president Lula. After he used the Brazilian word for sh** in an official speech that frase was immediately used for a remix.

    Check this blog here for more Funk Carioca: http://studiodoscrias-ldc.blogspot.com/

    Thanks to Robin from Filet Mignon for the grafics. The foto (© by SoundGoods) is taken in the favela Perreirão where years ago kids started to construct favelas with bricks as a playground. The thing became famous with the kids travelling to Europe to present their work and a NGO was founded as a social and cultural movement.

  • Tribalismo Tropical Mixtape

    This quite new sound from Mexico has been referred to as “Tribal Guarachero” on Dutty Artz and other sites, but when I asked around the CD sellers in D.F./Mexico I just saw question marks in their faces. They just called it Tribal. But maybe the problem was my Spanish… Anyway, Paul Devro who posted a great Mix of the stuff on Mad Decent isn’t sure either how to call it. For me it’s Technocumbia or Tribalcumbia!


    01. Danza Azteca
    02. La Culebrita
    03. DJ Retro – Babaninko
    04. Chango
    05. El Ballo
    06. DJ Retro – Guarachosa
    07. El Ritmo De La Petaka Tribal
    08. DJ Gato – Topota Madre
    09. Danza
    10. Damas Gratis – Se Te Ve La Tanga
    11. A Ritmo De Los Manos
    12. Cumbia Tribal
    13. Vamos A Bailar
    14. Vive La Fiesta
    15. Prehispanik
    16. DJ Sobrino – Automation
    17. Oaxaqueño

    Thanks to Robin from Filet Mignon for the grafics, foto © SoundGoods.

  • Brazzitup Mix for Jazzitup!

    A guest mix for the Jazzitup radio show on national Estonian Raadio 2.
    Thanks Anton for inviting!


    01. Quarteto Bossamba – Chegança
    02. Conjunto Sergio Carvalho – Balaio
    03. Sambossa 5 – Câo Xângo
    04. Os Seis Em Ponto – Samba Do Carioca
    05. Mandrake Som – Soul Samba
    06. Waltel Branco – Lady Samba
    07. Mario Negrão – Canela De Velho
    08. Claudio Medeiros & Victor M – Soar
    09. Hareton Salvanini – Primitivo
    10. Dominguinhos – Baião Violado
    11. Zeca Do Trombone & Roberto Sax – Tá Legal
    12. Grupo Medusa – Ferrovias
    13. Heraldo do Monte – Forrozin
    14. Som Imaginário – A 3
    15. Grupo Um – [B(2)/10 – O.75 – K.78] – P(2) – [O(4)/8 – O.75 – K.77]
    16. A Divina Increnca – Ufa

  • La Villa Cumbiera Mixtape

    Cumbia Villera (from the villas, as low income settlements in Buenos Aires are called) is the Argentinean “ghetto” version of Cumbia, originated from Colombian Cumbia and was brought to Argentina by immigrants. In the late 90’s it got more and more played with and transformed by electronic music equipment. The vocalists started as well to sing lyrics about about sex, drugs and crime. The result is a stumbling and laid-back beat with straight bassdrum and crazy, twisted and bended keyboard lines.

    There is very good information on Cumbia Villera on the internet:
    Cumbia Villera on Wikipedia
    Cumbia Feature in Fader Magazine written by Cumbia expert DJ/ Rupture
    Droppin’ Some Knowledge, Part 3 – Musicology
    “The people will be heard” in The Guardian
    La cumbia villera y el fin de la cultura del trabajo en la Argentina de los 90 (in Spanish)
    Um breve panorama #1 – CUMBIA (in Portuguese)


    01. Dany Lescano – Cumbia Cabeza
    02. Repiola – Danza Repiola
    03. Gran Hermano – El Beso De Osito
    04. Meta Guacha – No Te Bongas Brava
    05. El Gasty – De Izquierda A Derecha
    06. Monoblock – Los Cumbieros
    07. La Repandilla – Traka Traka
    08. Los Pibes Chorros – Gatillo
    09. Yerba Brava – Activando Cumbia
    10. Los Pibes De La 2 – Muevelo, Muevelo
    11. Suena Rototón – El Pelotero
    12. La Peluca De Mirta – El Pasito Del Avión
    13. El Perro – Floggers
    14. El Tecla – El Baile
    15. La Liga – RMXS Lalo DJ
    16. La Banda De Lechuga – Mi Chiquita (Remix)
    17. Damas Gratis – Se Te Ve La Tanga Feat. Reyes Vallenatos (Cristian Dee Jay Remix)
    18. El Original – Pégate A Lo Mio
    19. Cumbieton – El Cuchulum (Remix)
    20. El Polaco – Para Que Lo Muevas (Remix)
    21. El Empuje – Pito chiquitito (Marcela Baños Remix)
    22. Altos Cumbieros – La Cola Less
    23. El Baile Del Oso – Baila Baila
    24. Eh Guacho – Apreitato
    25. La Base – Alta Gira Por La Matanza
    26. Sonido Básico – Sabes Quien Soy

    And here are some resources for downloading Cumbia Villera:
    Los Del Tablón