• Kuduro Dessert

    I got some messages asking for more Kuduro tracks so here are some add-ons.

    First, it’s the recently released Foça Kuduro EP on Flamin’ Hotz that I kindly received from Casi. As most of the tracks have been posted already on other blogs I just link to them in the tracklist below. Download and additional information is avilable there.
    Don’t forget to buy it if you like it.

    A1. Frederic Galliano Kuduro Sound System – Ate Quando feat. Pai Diesel
    A2. DJ Patrick JC – Do Volante feat. Puto Lilas
    A3. DJ Tecas – Bate No Peito (Com Respeito)
    B1. DJ Patrick JC – Sem Maneiras
    B2. Frederic Galliano Kuduro Sound System – Isto E Kuduro
    B3. Frederic Galliano Kuduro Sound System – Continental Kuduro feat. Rub A Dub Market

    And then here is more stuff from Luanda:

    And at last here are some more links for downloading Kuduro:


  • Kuduro Do Futuro Mixtape

    Kuduro is a music style from Angola that is known for its pushing electronic beats and heavy rap. Because of the influences from African rhythms it is sometimes described as Afro-Techno. It was created in the 90’s by Tony Amado. The word Kuduro has two meanings: On the one hand, it refers to the Portuguese words for “hard ass” and on the other hand, it corresponds to “location” in the traditional Kimbundu language.
    It is known as well for it’s crazy dance style with fast shaking knees and elements of break-dance. Due to the music’s production in small home studios and its similarities in the style and context, the sound is often compared to funk carioca. In Angolas capital Luanda, the promotion is mainly being carried out by local mini van drivers during their on-duty service. They play new tracks and only if these tracks turn into hits there, the songs have a chance to be eventually put on CD.
    Angolan migrants brought the sound to the suburbs of Lisbon where an own variation of the sound emerged. The most prominent artist representing this type of music today is probably Buraka Som Sistema. It was then French DJ and producer Frédéric Galliano who introduced Portuguese and Angolan Kuduro artists to a wider audience. He went on to create the Kuduro Sound System.
    Recently some voices said that the fashion of Kuduro is declining, but other facts suggest a more positive development: Mad Decent recently released an EP in the Hollertronix series dedicated to Kuduro.

    So, I’ve got some fresh kuduro tracks, thanks Thomas!


    01. Bruno M – Tá Vené
    02. Os Vagabanda – Dois Tok
    03. Rodrigão feat. Panda – Olha Hora
    04. Puto Prata – Fala Yoyo
    05. Puto Langa – Soldado Na Casa
    06. Bruno M – To Rosa
    07. Os Defayas – Ta La 3
    08. Famila O P – Ngaxi
    09. Os Lambas – Tá Faltar + 1
    10. DJ Buchinho – Nail
    11. DJ Tony – M.P. La
    12. DJ De Gala – Azar
    13. B.K. feat. Ti Lamba – É No Gueto
    14. Yanilson – Faço 2 Tiro 2
    15. Outro

    By the way, the image above shows the proposal for the future flag of Angola that hasn’t been ratified yet.

    Get kuduro MP3s here for example.

  • Força Do Pará Mixtape

    The music style Tecno Brega from Brazil’s north was brought to a wider and international audience through the documentary God Copy Bad Copy for it’s Open Music Business Model. Inspired by this movie and posts on Wayne and Wax and Overmundo about the sub-genre Eletro Melody I was looking for Tecno Brega/Eletro Melody CDs on a local market in Manaus during a recent trip, even if the sound is originally from Belém, the capital of Pará state. I found as well a bunch of MP3s on the internet and decided to make a short mixtape. Most of the stuff I found is pretty cheesy Pop (“Brega”) for my taste, but I think some tracks are interesting, especially the more Reggaeton oriented ones.

    Tracklist (no warranty for correct names 😉

    01. Jurandir & DJ Cristiano – Super Pop 2 Remíx (Melody) Take 22
    02. DJ Maluquinho – Melody Safadinha Do Comércio
    03. Os Mascarados – Fura Olho Da Pedreira
    04. DJ Betinho & Banda 007 – A Festa Do Poderoso Rubi
    05. Maderito & Joe – Viller
    06. DJ Moisés – O Robô Do DJ André
    07. Banda Eletro Melody – Eletro EQ Mega PEK
    08. Banda Eletro Melody – Eletro Dj’s Ewerton, Hilton & Pena
    09. Maderito & Joe – Eletro Melody Equipe Super Panico
    10. Maderito & Joe – Eletro Meteoro
    11. DJ Anderson Melo – Robô A Volta
    12. Banda 007 – Melody Do Rubi
    13. Unkown Artist – Unkown Title
    14. Marlon Branco – Safadinha $

  • Nueva Cumbia Mixtape


    01. DJ Negro – Cumbia Rabiosa Feat. Capleton
    02. Blanquito Man, Control Machete & Celso Piña y Su Ronda Bogotá – Cumbia Sobre El Rio
    03. El Hijo De La Cumbia – La Mara Tomaza
    04. Villa Diamante – Fauna vs. Black Eyed Peas
    05. Zurita – Back To The Punk
    06. Obama Cumbia
    07. El Remolon – Andres Lanredo vs. Madonna
    08. Calle 13 – La Cumbia de Los Aburridos
    09. DJ Blaqstarr – Shake It To The Ground (Chico Sonido Psych Cumbia Beat)
    10. Grupo Kien? – Cumbia Nueva
    11. Chancha Via Circuito – Cumbia Malembe
    12. The Peronists – Cumbia Check In Ura
    13. El Trip Selector – Cumbiancherita
    14. Fantasma – Danza Fantasma
    15. Sonido Martines – Stone Guacharaca

  • Brazilian Hip Hop Samba Rap Mixtape Part 1

    A guest mix for Maga Bo‘s radio show Sambacana on Spannered.


    01. B Negão & Seletores de Freqüência – V.V.
    02. A Filial – Brilha o sol
    03. Marcelo D2 – Sinistro
    04. Rappin’ Hood – Rap o som feliz
    05. Dom Negrone – O povo q vibra
    06. Z’África Brasil – A cor que falta na bandeira brasileira
    07. Sabotage – Cabeça de nego
    08. Alvos da Lei (Feat. Tribunal Popular) – O assalto
    09. Instituto – Dia de desfile
    10. MV Bill – 9 da manhã
    11. Parteum – O círculo
    12. Xis – Sonho meu

  • Chapéu Chapado Mix

    A live guest mix with brazilian goodies I made some time ago for Joscha Creutzfeld‘s radio show on Monofunk.


    01. Antonio Adolfo – Aonde Você Vai – Artenazal (1977)
    02. Brasil Show – Pense Em Mim – Vôo Livre (1983)
    03. Wando – Se Quiser Chorar Por Mim – Beverly (1977)
    04. Azymuth – Tamborim, Cuica, Ganzà, Berimbau – Atlantic (1977)
    05. Grupo Medusa – Baiana – Som Da Gente (1981)
    06. César Mariano & CIA – Fábrica – RCA (1977)
    07. Sérgio Mendes – The Circle Game – A&M (1972)
    08. Pascoal Meireilles – Condiderações à respeito – Moleque (1981)
    09. Eumir Deodato – Arranha Céu (Skyscropers) – Equipe (1972)
    10. Banda Black Rio – Na Baixa do Sapateiro – Black Rio (1979)
    11. Gerson King Combo – Just For You – Polydor (1977)
    12. Tim Maia – Rational Culture – Seroma (1974)
    13. Rita Lee – Agora é Moda – Som Livre (1978)
    14. Carlos Dafé – Hello Mr. Wonder – Warner (1977)
    15. Jair Rodriguez – Deixa Isso Pra Lá – Philips (1974)
    16. Elis Regina – Wave – Philips (1969)
    17. Milton Banana Trio – Opinião – Odeon (1965)
    18. César Mariano – Samblues – RCE (1965)
    19. Balanço Trio – Aleluia – Imperial (1965)
    20. João Donato – Sambongo – Polydor (1963)
    21. Brasilian Explosion – Krioula – EMI (1974)
    22. Bebeto – Muito Amor E Liberdade – Copacabana (1975)
    23. Jorge Ben – Palomaris – Philips (1971)
    24. Os Devaneios – Embalo Differente – EMI/Coronado (1978)
    25. Copa 7 – Mulher Absoluta – Top Tape (1979)
    26. José Roberto – Mon Ami – Philips (1970)
    27. Elis Regina – Vou Deitar E Rolar – Philips (1970)
    28. Jorge Ben – Velhos, Flores, Criancinhas E Cachorros – Philips (1975)

  • Japanese Jazz Compilation

    This is a compilation of japanese Jazz I made some years ago for friends.

    01. Keitaro Miho & Jazz Eleven – Unknown Tracktitle
    02. Yosuke Yamashita – Kurdish Dance
    03. Tee & Company – Combo ’77
    04. Masahiko Satoh – Cajuput Trip
    05. Naoya Wada Quintet – Sunset On The Street
    06. Nobuo Hara And His Sharps – Sohran Bushi
    07. Hino-Kikuchi Quintet – Tender Passion
    08. Takashi Mizuhashi – So What


    For Mac users (single file):