• Alabê Ketujazz

    From the press release on their website:
    “Alabê presents the traditional percussion of the Afro-Brazilian religion known as Candomblé in a jazz context. The compositions are dialogues between the percussion of the Ketu nation and the saxophone, like the Rum (the drum that leads the ceremony) converses with the Orisha (a spirit embodied by a person in trance).

    Brazilian music has its roots in the African rhythms which were played in places of worship of the Candomblé. Around the world, African musical heritage has spread giving birth to Blues, Jazz, Rumba, Salsa and Samba.

    The riches of African percussion are immense. This knowledge is transmitted from master to apprentice in ritual spaces and ceremonies. Each sacred drummer, called an Ogan, possesses a piece of that knowledge. In this oral tradition, where there is no formal study, it is rare for outsiders to encounter archives of these musical treasures. Many famous Brazilian percussionists are inspired by this tradition, but it is very rare to encounter it in its original form outside of the Candomblé.

    Bringing this traditional knowledge in a contemporary setting and making it accessible to a larger public is a way to contribute to the preservation and the valorisation of this intangible culture.

    The group was founded by Antoine Olivier, a French percussionist living in Rio de Janeiro who performs as​ an Ogan in the Candomblé, and Brazilian saxophonist Glaucus Linx (Isaac Hayes, Salif Keita, Elza Soares, Carlinhos Brown…). The band also features the Grand Master of the Candomblé drums : Dofono de Omolu and percussionists Tiago Magalhães e Gabriel Guenther.

    The sacred rhythms of the Candomblé offer their power and complexity in a modern context: this is Alabê Ketujazz. Four percussionists and a saxophonist explore new musical landscapes with original compositions and classics by the likes of Baden Powell.”

  • Frevotron

    DJ Dolores, Maestro Spok and Yuri Queiroga deliver a pioneering experience with this album which succeeds in the difficult mission to innovate Pernambucos uptempo carnival style called Frevo.

    Initially planned as a instrumental project they came up with inviting Otto, Jorge Du Peixe, Lira, MC Sombra and Marion Lemonnier for vocals.

    Free download from their website.


  • Navigating N/E Mixtape

    A mixtape celebrating the release of Kafundó Vol. 3 which navigates through a cocktail of various musical flavors between electronic and roots sounds from the North and Northeast of Brazil.


    01. DJ ChicoCorrea – Manganga
    02. Radiola Serra Alta – Coco de Nosso Senhor
    03. Opanijé – Vamuinvadi (part. Loquaz)
    04. FurmigaDub – Ciranda Bacana
    05. Bemba Trio – Melô do Vatapá (Lucio K Remix)
    06. Nirso – Tranca Rua
    07. DJ MAM – Coco de Itaparica (DJ Incidental Remix)
    08. Lord Breu – Dendê
    09. naurÊa – Xangô na Dansanteria
    10. Mestre Cupijó – Tahira Remix
    11. Caapora – Baião de Veraneio
    12. Silvério Pessoa – Mix Raça
    13. Mohandas – Saudades do Pará
    14. Coletivo di Tambor – Todo Mundo Samba
    15. Rimas.INC. – 8tavão (Clécio Rimas Ft. Thiago Martins)
    16. B.Réu – Maracatu Dirty
    17. Nego Edmundo & Monstruoso Sistema de Som – Ciranda (Vocal Mix)
    18. BaianaSystem – SYSTEMA FOBICA (ubaranamaralina)

  • Batavia Beats Mixtape

    Mixtape of Hip Hop and Rap stuff from Jakarta, formerly known as Batavia.

    1. Sweet Martabak – Ada Sumur Di Ladang
    2. Saykoji – So Wat Gitu Loh
    3. Rotra – Jagal Prabu
    4. Saykoji – Eyyo
    5. 2nd Clan – Benthik
    6. Too Phat – Nasty Girl
    7. Ahli Fiqir – Inilah Barisan Kita
    8. Panji – Bajak Lagu Ini

  • Höröya – Mansa Fela

    The new Afro-Brazilian Band Höröya from São Paulo wants to re-frame the origins and influences of African and Afro-Brazilian cultures in a new format. Made up of Brazilians, Senegalese and Guineans they reinforce the cultural dialogue between Brazil and the African continent. The name of the band is of Mandeng origin and means freedom and autonomy.

    This mini-documentary is only in Portuguese: