• Höröya – Mansa Fela

    The new Afro-Brazilian Band Höröya from São Paulo wants to re-frame the origins and influences of African and Afro-Brazilian cultures in a new format. Made up of Brazilians, Senegalese and Guineans they reinforce the cultural dialogue between Brazil and the African continent. The name of the band is of Mandeng origin and means freedom and autonomy.

    This mini-documentary is only in Portuguese:

  • Macumbia – Carne Latina

    Macumbia is a band based in Joao Pessoa in Northeastern Brazil. They mix Caribbean and Latin with traditional Brazilian rhythms. As the groups members are from different cultures and nationalities such as Brazil, Venezuela and North America the lyrics are in Spanish, Portuguese and English. They believe in the union of the Latin American people through music.

    Download their second album for free from their website.


  • Iconili – Piacó

    Iconili is a band from Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais State in Brazil. After their debut album “Tupi Novo Mundo” from 2013 they just released their second long player. Still based mainly on Afrobeat they go further in this excellent work adding to the Afro references Jazz and Funk, but especially Brazilian ingredients like Carimbó, Samba and Minas Sound creating a mixture psychedelically tropical.

    Free download here.


    ÀTTØØXXÁ is the new project of Rafa Dias who is one part of Δ.MΔ.$$Δ and producer of
    Os Nelsons. On his first EP ÀTTØØXXÁ pays homage to Timbalada which is one of the most famous a percussion groups from Salvador lead by Bahia superstar Carlinhos Brown. The goal was to create a timeline based on the samples of Timbaladas songs and make the timbres for the synths out of the primary signal.

    All tracks free for download.


  • Superlage

    Superlage comes up with an excellent mix of Cumbia and regional flavors from North Brazil such as Carimbó and Brega. With it’s tripping tropical off beats this will for sure warm up every heart and soul suffering from winter dark- and frostiness.

    From their press release:
    “Superlage is Global Beat, breathing in urban music and sweating out Latinidade. It brings together musicians from the Brazilian states of Pernambuco, Amazonas and Pará to create a musical stew simmered in tropical sounds, mixed in a base of electronic music, and with a flavor that is uniquely Brazilian. Within the sound of the band, it’s not difficult to identify the desire to throw an all-night dance party where legs, arms, bellies and hips get joyfully twisted together on the dance floor, or in the street, all pure color and full of light like Brazilian Carnival itself.
    Born in Olinda, Pernambuco, Superlage is made up of a duo who composes, arranges, plays, mixes and produces songs based on Cumbia, mixed with Dancehall Reggae, Baião and Carimbó.
    The band is formed by the beatmaker DJ Incidental, a Pernambucan gem, grandson of a master of popular dance and a veritable human library of all possible styles of Cumbia, and Raimundo Alfaia, originally from Amazonas, bassist, singer and producer.
    To interpret this first collection of songs produced by the pair, Jana Figarella was invited. A singer from Pará with a flair for Carimbó and the riverside culture of the Amazon, the voice of Figarella redefines and amplifies the emotional geography of the songs, already thoroughly miscegnated by the Latin and Northeastern rhythms present within the beats of Incidental and Alfaia.
    Superlage shows off the party culture of an Afro-Latin Brazil, integrating it to the re-valorization of Cumbia with modern electronic sounds, rhythms that have inspired young musicians and crowds all over the world.
    The songs have their poetry inspired by the cordel literature of Northeastern Brazil, urban journeys to the beach, and coconuts. It’s the feeling of ocean wind in your hair, glowing bonfires, Carnival… An invitation to dive into a sea of sounds, full of joy and vibrant colors, all carefully produced in the rich ambiance of sweet tropical swing.”

    Download from their website.