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  • IFÁ – Ijexá Funk Afrobeat

    IFÁ from Salvador/Bahia just release their first album entitled “Ijexá Funk Afrobeat”. Apart of the music styles mentioned in the title they incorporate elements of Dub and Reggae and reference other African traditions while using sounds and groove from Bahia. Like that, they they point to future with their own vision of Afro-brazilian music.

    Free Download

  • Voodoohop: Entropia Coletiva I

    Outstanding compilation from São Paulos cultural underground activists of Voodoohop collective.
    Here is what they say:
    “VOODOOHOP is an outlandish art collective born from a series of underground parties. Djs, performers, dancers and visual artists together create a multi sensory tropical cabaret. Brazilian traditional heritage mix with ritualistic performance. Nomadic in nature, the collective transforms spaces from abandoned buildings to natural hideaways. Always experimenting Voodoohop is in constant flux.”
    “Among hot asphalt and the freshness of the waterfall you create a meeting that spins a new story. A living organism resurrecting the ghost of ancient chants. Out of the imperfections disordered melodies are born. Entropy and collective joy of a great compilation made with care in chaos.”

  • Èkó Afrobeat

    Èkó Afrobeat is one more excellent Afrobeat band coming out of Brazil where the renaissance of this music style seems not coming to an end.
    Created in 2009 with the name “Clube de Bolso Afrobeat” as a parallel project of a Jazz-Funk band they re-named themselves to “Èkó Afrobeat” as they have been very accepted by the audience and seven more musicians joind the group. Their sound is a mixture of Afrobeat, MPB (música popular brasileira – Brazilian popular music) and Afro-Brazilian music. Political and social content is very important for their lyrics.

    Here are some of the tracks that will appear on their album which will be released soon:

  • Thiago França – Sambanzo: Coisas Invisíveis

    Thiago França from São Paulo plays saxophone with Metá Metá among many other projects. On his last album “Coisas Invisíveis” (Invisible Things) with his solo project “Sambanzo” he created a great minimal but rhythm fueled mix of just Afro-Brazilian percussion and saxophone. The record aims to capture energy, invisible, but concrete from a nearby and distant Africa, present and past. The intention, according to França, is to evoke the myth of a pre-diasporic African unity, in which several societies have developed by taking a horizon with habits and relatively common beliefs.


  • Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra – Abra Sua Cabeça

    The second album of the Abayomy Afrobeat Orchestra is less Afrobeat than its predecessor exploring new sound elements and speaking of ancestry with delicacy of who perceives the world of possibilities and combinations. There is greater diversity of influences that guarantee a new freshness and strength of sound. Produced by Pupillo (drummer of Nação Zumbi) the album features Brazilian musicians such as Céu, Otto and Jorge do Peixe and as well as Tony Allen.


  • Frevotron

    DJ Dolores, Maestro Spok and Yuri Queiroga deliver a pioneering experience with this album which succeeds in the difficult mission to innovate Pernambucos uptempo carnival style called Frevo.

    Initially planned as a instrumental project they came up with inviting Otto, Jorge Du Peixe, Lira, MC Sombra and Marion Lemonnier for vocals.

    Free download from their website.


  • Navigating N/E Mixtape

    A mixtape celebrating the release of Kafundó Vol. 3 which navigates through a cocktail of various musical flavors between electronic and roots sounds from the North and Northeast of Brazil.


    01. DJ ChicoCorrea – Manganga
    02. Radiola Serra Alta – Coco de Nosso Senhor
    03. Opanijé – Vamuinvadi (part. Loquaz)
    04. FurmigaDub – Ciranda Bacana
    05. Bemba Trio – Melô do Vatapá (Lucio K Remix)
    06. Nirso – Tranca Rua
    07. DJ MAM – Coco de Itaparica (DJ Incidental Remix)
    08. Lord Breu – Dendê
    09. naurÊa – Xangô na Dansanteria
    10. Mestre Cupijó – Tahira Remix
    11. Caapora – Baião de Veraneio
    12. Silvério Pessoa – Mix Raça
    13. Mohandas – Saudades do Pará
    14. Coletivo di Tambor – Todo Mundo Samba
    15. Rimas.INC. – 8tavão (Clécio Rimas Ft. Thiago Martins)
    16. B.Réu – Maracatu Dirty
    17. Nego Edmundo & Monstruoso Sistema de Som – Ciranda (Vocal Mix)
    18. BaianaSystem – SYSTEMA FOBICA (ubaranamaralina)