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  • Suena Pacífico Mixtape

    Mixtape of Afro-Colombian music from the Pacific coast, basically Currulao and Chirimía.

    Latino Resiste released in 2012 an excellent compilation (Root A Pacífica) with remixes of those styles and learn more about Colombian music and culture in Sounds and Colours’ book on Colombia.

    Cover foto taken from a live performance of Las Rucas.

    1. Amarildo y su Son Guerrero – Currulao pa Chango
    2. La Bruja Embustera
    3. Facunda
    4. José H. Mena – Sabor a currulao
    5. Caderona
    6. Lucy – El Martes Al Amanecer
    7. Bello Litoral
    8. El Birimbi
    9. La Vamo a Tumba
    10. El Tate Quieto
    11. Chirimia en Festival
    12. Borracho y Amanecido
    13. Abuelo
    14. El hombre ajeno
    15. La Culebra
    16. Miedo en el Monte
    17. Unknown

  • Las Rucas de Bahía Solano

    Las Rucas’ objective is to recover the cultural heritage of Bahiá Solano in Chocó State, Columbia. It’s a group that wants to present their indigenous musical expressions such as romances, aruyos, chigualos, gualis and rucas. 18 women are members of the group and they want to pass these practices and knowledge from the old to the young women, and thus ensure the sustainability of these practices.

    To get more of their background and details check the introduction (in Spanish).

    I had the enormous pleasure to see them in action.
    Magic moments!
    Many thanks to all!

  • Lisandro Meza

    Lisandro Meza is one of Colombia’s most recognized Cumbia artists and played an important role in the evolution of Cumbia. He plays accordion, sings, and composes and is a master of vallenato sabanero, an accordion-driven style of music that originated in Mexico. He is one of the founding members of one of Colombia’s most popular bands in the 1960s, Los Corraleros De Majagual, but later focused on his solo career.

    Here are some of his songs: