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  • Sabor Sonidero Mixtape

    Cumbia Sonidera in Mexico City is a kind of what Cumbia Villera is in Buenos Aires: originated from Colombian Cumbia it has been transformed in the marginalized settlements. Its sound is characterized by slow beats, long instrumental parts and voices often deformed by effects giving it sometimes even a dub feeling. In huge venues, the DJs (sonideros) play it in their sets together with other music styles as well as a lot of jingles and shouts greeting the community and announcing other parties etc.


    01. Grupo Maravilla De Robin Revilla – Viva Mexico
    02. Grupo La Cumbia – Yambao
    03. Robotica
    04. Estrellas De La Kumbia – Cumbia Aventura
    05. La Cumbia Dance – Real Cumbia Dance
    06. La Cumbia Torera
    07. Grupo Majezza – La Cumbia De Los Puchikas
    08. Princesa Talibana
    09. Sonido Santana – Cumbia De Los Efectos Especiales
    10. Lo Que Traje De Colombia
    11. Los Cholos Tambien Lloran