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  • Chillumbia Mixtape

    A guest mixtape with some chilled out Cumbia for the 34 Mag from Minsk for their New Years Eve (pre/after)party special which features more mixtapes from Stereobeaver, KorneJ and others as well.


    01. Rafael Aragon – Mi Secreto
    02. DJ Nirso – Cumbiambera Tripolar (Señor Chancho Remix)
    03. Los Titanes – Linda Yolita
    04. Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia – Tierra madre
    05. DJ Neber – Ven Mi Amore
    06. El Remolón – El Preferido (Qechuaboi remix)
    07. SidiRum – La Danza De Las Trompas (Cocotaxi Remix)
    08. Tribilin Sound – Barrancore (TropiKhongo Remix)
    09. Reptilian Commander – Kay Pacha
    10. Panther Panther! – Sueños Profundos
    11. Cuerdas de Venezuela – La Arpita Mágica (El Búho Remix)
    12. frijoleroryddim – Zouk-Tiken jah-Amadou Et Mariam-Salif Keita (Cumbia Edit)
    13. Panchasila – Lam Pheune (Cumbia Molam)

  • Voodoohop: Entropia Coletiva I

    Outstanding compilation from São Paulos cultural underground activists of Voodoohop collective.
    Here is what they say:
    “VOODOOHOP is an outlandish art collective born from a series of underground parties. Djs, performers, dancers and visual artists together create a multi sensory tropical cabaret. Brazilian traditional heritage mix with ritualistic performance. Nomadic in nature, the collective transforms spaces from abandoned buildings to natural hideaways. Always experimenting Voodoohop is in constant flux.”
    “Among hot asphalt and the freshness of the waterfall you create a meeting that spins a new story. A living organism resurrecting the ghost of ancient chants. Out of the imperfections disordered melodies are born. Entropy and collective joy of a great compilation made with care in chaos.”

  • Fernando TRZ – Origames

    Fernando TRZ is a multi instrumentalist, music producer and sound designer and graduated in Popular Piano and Graphic Design. He lives in São Paulo and is part of the bands Lavoura, Cérebro Eletrônico, Flavião, Retrofuturismo and the live art group A_Factory Tranzmidias. In his solo work he made remixes for Chico Correa Electronic Band, DJ Dolores, Lucas Santtana, Letieres Leite & Orquestra Rumpilezz, Eumir Deodato, Moacir Santos and Dom Um Romão. He participated in different remix competitions and has been price winner for The Politik, Erik Truffaz and Daft Punk. TRZ is as well an activist, propagator of free culture and one of the main Brazilian artists at CCmixter.org where he produced various remixes in cooperation with artists from all around the world. As sound designer he already produced several sound tracks for movies, theater and videos for advertising and carried out workshops on digital music production and sound tracks.

    The album “Origames” puts together own tracks as well as some remixes done in 2013.

    Download it for free.

    And some more remixes:

  • Dhamma Baby

    African Dope‘s Fletcher just released as Dhamma Baby a free album of “deep space dub music, subsonic rumblings, glitched out melodies and frequencies from other dimensions”.


    “the second part of the album is something quite unusual. with this recording you can learn the ancient meditation technique of feeling the touch of your breath, called anapana sati. you can put the mp3s onto your phone or laptop and listen with headphones. once you are comfortable with the technique you can use the meditation timer on track 2 to practice whenever the opportunity arises. mediation is a very practical exercise that help you to move from a mode of thinking to a mode of feeling. the benefits of this in your daily life are unbelievable.”

  • Projeto CCOMA – Peregrino

    “Born in the mountains of southern Brazil, the project of trumpet player Roberto Scopel and percussionist and producer Swami Sagara flirts with Latin rhythms, crosses oceans to get to Africa, in a corner of Morocco, among many stops. With these references in the luggage also inventing the return route in an endless circuit of reverberations. On the road again, carrying spices from tropical countries with an electronic approach played at street of Budapest, in a squat in Berlin or in front of the Pompidou in Paris.”

    Download it for free from their website.

    [vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/46445393 w=400&h=300]

  • Sacassaia

    Sacassaia from Brasília produce a very interesting mixture of Brazilian styles and other Latin-American rhythms together with Rap and Dub.

    From their website:
    “In the first semester of 2008 the DJ/MC/composer Gardenel (Gabriel Gardenal) and the musician/DJ/composer/audio engineer Tony Roballo (Tomás Seferin) got together to create a new musical project. Within a year’s work, and with the participation of some of the most talented musicians born or based in Brasilia, among them Renato Matos, Indiana Nomma, Massala Pacome, Luiz Olivieri, Raggademente and Moisés Alves, twelve tracks were recorded, setup, mixed and masterized. After many debates, ballots, numerological and kabbalistic calculations, the group has got its name – Sacassaia. This name, taken from Mário de Andrade’s literary work Macunaíma, is the name of a very aggressive species of army ant: “A tristura talqualmente correição de sacassaia viera na taba and devorara até o silêncio. – Sadness, likewisely a sacassaia raid, came and devoured even silence itself.” The album was recorded at Estúdio 104 (Brasilia, Brazil) and the tracks mixed at Estúdio 104 and Uns aos Outros (Brasilia, Brazil) and Farmfresh Áudio (Barcelona, Spain). Masterized by Michael Fossenkemper, at Turtletone Studio, (New York, USA).”

    You can download the whole album for free on their website.