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  • Chillumbia Mixtape

    A guest mixtape with some chilled out Cumbia for the 34 Mag from Minsk for their New Years Eve (pre/after)party special which features more mixtapes from Stereobeaver, KorneJ and others as well.


    01. Rafael Aragon – Mi Secreto
    02. DJ Nirso – Cumbiambera Tripolar (Señor Chancho Remix)
    03. Los Titanes – Linda Yolita
    04. Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia – Tierra madre
    05. DJ Neber – Ven Mi Amore
    06. El Remolón – El Preferido (Qechuaboi remix)
    07. SidiRum – La Danza De Las Trompas (Cocotaxi Remix)
    08. Tribilin Sound – Barrancore (TropiKhongo Remix)
    09. Reptilian Commander – Kay Pacha
    10. Panther Panther! – Sueños Profundos
    11. Cuerdas de Venezuela – La Arpita Mágica (El Búho Remix)
    12. frijoleroryddim – Zouk-Tiken jah-Amadou Et Mariam-Salif Keita (Cumbia Edit)
    13. Panchasila – Lam Pheune (Cumbia Molam)

  • Voodoohop: Entropia Coletiva I

    Outstanding compilation from São Paulos cultural underground activists of Voodoohop collective.
    Here is what they say:
    “VOODOOHOP is an outlandish art collective born from a series of underground parties. Djs, performers, dancers and visual artists together create a multi sensory tropical cabaret. Brazilian traditional heritage mix with ritualistic performance. Nomadic in nature, the collective transforms spaces from abandoned buildings to natural hideaways. Always experimenting Voodoohop is in constant flux.”
    “Among hot asphalt and the freshness of the waterfall you create a meeting that spins a new story. A living organism resurrecting the ghost of ancient chants. Out of the imperfections disordered melodies are born. Entropy and collective joy of a great compilation made with care in chaos.”

  • Frevotron

    DJ Dolores, Maestro Spok and Yuri Queiroga deliver a pioneering experience with this album which succeeds in the difficult mission to innovate Pernambucos uptempo carnival style called Frevo.

    Initially planned as a instrumental project they came up with inviting Otto, Jorge Du Peixe, Lira, MC Sombra and Marion Lemonnier for vocals.

    Free download from their website.


  • Navigating N/E Mixtape

    A mixtape celebrating the release of Kafundó Vol. 3 which navigates through a cocktail of various musical flavors between electronic and roots sounds from the North and Northeast of Brazil.


    01. DJ ChicoCorrea – Manganga
    02. Radiola Serra Alta – Coco de Nosso Senhor
    03. Opanijé – Vamuinvadi (part. Loquaz)
    04. FurmigaDub – Ciranda Bacana
    05. Bemba Trio – Melô do Vatapá (Lucio K Remix)
    06. Nirso – Tranca Rua
    07. DJ MAM – Coco de Itaparica (DJ Incidental Remix)
    08. Lord Breu – Dendê
    09. naurÊa – Xangô na Dansanteria
    10. Mestre Cupijó – Tahira Remix
    11. Caapora – Baião de Veraneio
    12. Silvério Pessoa – Mix Raça
    13. Mohandas – Saudades do Pará
    14. Coletivo di Tambor – Todo Mundo Samba
    15. Rimas.INC. – 8tavão (Clécio Rimas Ft. Thiago Martins)
    16. B.Réu – Maracatu Dirty
    17. Nego Edmundo & Monstruoso Sistema de Som – Ciranda (Vocal Mix)
    18. BaianaSystem – SYSTEMA FOBICA (ubaranamaralina)


    STANK is a duo formed by DJ Dolores and Yuri Queiroga. Live they value improvisation, mixing original tracks with records, samples, guitar and gadgets leading to a rare case of combination of experimentation and full dancefloor.
    The EP is a compilation of remixes done for artists of different origin, from Maga Bo to the traditional group Coco Raízes de Arcoverde passing by Eddie, China, Naurêa and an own track.

    Get the EP for free here or listen to some of the tracks:

  • Wladimir Gasper

    Wladimir Gasper, nephew of a Russian filmmaker, was born in Ukraine and came to Brazil when he was still young. He left the former Soviet country to venture into the inspirations of the tropics and created his bunker here. He could be a metaphysical or a freestyle philosopher, but is a musician among zillions of other things.
    Thus, the artist Pedro Bernardes transforms his inner psychedelic reality into unusual sounds, which can be marked to the beat of his own body. Full of metaphors and improvisations, he’s a guy of intersections, no belongings: ‘I like to materialize music dynamically, independent of instruments or styles. My sound is like a puzzle: I have the pieces, but I can arrange them the way I want.’ says the beat-maker, instrumentalist and arranger. In the fantastic world of “vintage instruments” Wladimir Gasper lives a talented musician who always plays live.
    He is self-taught, says he has no knowledge of aspects, schools and does not invest a lot of time to listen to other artists. His commitment is to himself and his ideas, which turn into dazzling sonorities.
    – ‘It’s not necessarily a music that will influence me, it’s the people, an attitude, an architecture. It’s all synesthesia. I relate to the sound in an immaterial form, it’s spirit. I have so much fun in this intimate process of creation and experimentation. It is a joy when you have an inspiration in mind and can materialize it’ he reveals.
    Despite appearing to ramble in a parallel world, Pedro, 28 and from Rio, is inserted in various means, doing a bit of everything, as he has complete aversion to labels. He has worked with artists such as MArcelo D2, Gabriel Pensador, Bebel Gilberto, Timbaland, Carlinhos Brown, Sergio Mendes, Marisa Monte, Mario Caldato, Seu Jorge, Beck, John Legend, among others. Experiencing the creative process in other areas, he designed a cradle-harp which was selected for the Design Fair in Dubai 2012. He directed the film presentation for the para-Olympic brand and created the sound for it.
    – ‘I never wanted to stop and pick something to do. I never had existential questions. I’m naturally allowed to be spontaneous. I do what I need yo, it’s physiological, my health. Confusing stimulates me more than explaining,’ the multiinstrumentlist says in a freestyle way of speaking.
    Pedro takes the tone of improvisation to the places where he plays, always in the company of his case which is loaded with electronic beats and free organics, a bunch of multi-effects, synthesizers and a few other toys.
    – ‘What I like is the load of presence, the energy devoted to that particular moment I’m playing, the emotion I feel at the time, I think it prints my identity, my production has a very strong accent of the now’, states Pedro.

  • Estudio de Criação – An Homage to Jongo

    The project Estudio de Criação (“Studio of Creation”) is a realization of the cultural group “Jongo da Serrinha”. Jongo is a cultural manifestation of essentially rural Africans directly linked to African culture in Brazil. Aimed at an audience of young people and adults the project realized creative activities in the field of music, especially dedicated to composition and production in the studio.

    Luis Filipe de Lima about the CD:
    “African heritage on Brazilian ground, synthesis of ancient fertility rites, the border between music, dance and magic. So is Jongo – Jongo of the old blacks, which came to our days by the hand of his great-grandchildren and today enchants people beyond the hills, terraces and Quilombos where it was planted. Result of this entrancement, the CD “Estudio de Criação” brings together eight tracks where Jongo is freely revisited by producers and composers from Rio and of various profiles, with the common element in the use of modern digital tools for recording, editing, mixing and sound processing. Sign of these times in which the musical creation is increasingly embedded in technology. The Jongo of the ancestral drums is here electronic too, jongo jungle, reframing and experiment.”