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  • Fernando TRZ – Origames

    Fernando TRZ is a multi instrumentalist, music producer and sound designer and graduated in Popular Piano and Graphic Design. He lives in São Paulo and is part of the bands Lavoura, Cérebro Eletrônico, Flavião, Retrofuturismo and the live art group A_Factory Tranzmidias. In his solo work he made remixes for Chico Correa Electronic Band, DJ Dolores, Lucas Santtana, Letieres Leite & Orquestra Rumpilezz, Eumir Deodato, Moacir Santos and Dom Um Romão. He participated in different remix competitions and has been price winner for The Politik, Erik Truffaz and Daft Punk. TRZ is as well an activist, propagator of free culture and one of the main Brazilian artists at CCmixter.org where he produced various remixes in cooperation with artists from all around the world. As sound designer he already produced several sound tracks for movies, theater and videos for advertising and carried out workshops on digital music production and sound tracks.

    The album “Origames” puts together own tracks as well as some remixes done in 2013.

    Download it for free.

    And some more remixes: