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  • w∆lla-C – T∆mborimOdyssey

    “wΔlla| C is an MC/Beatmaker from Rio de Janeiro, now resident in Perth WA. Producing beats for over 2 years now, he draws from diverse influences such as jazz, funk, blaxploitation, afrofuturism, glitch, lo-fi beats, afrobeat, brazilian folk, amongst others.
    T∆mborimOdyssey consists of 6 instrumental tracks combining rap beats, traditional brazilian music, synths and textures. The work implies a suave atmosphere with acoustic guitars, percussion and striking samba rhythms.”

    Free download from his Bandcamp page.

  • Estudio de Criação – An Homage to Jongo

    The project Estudio de Criação (“Studio of Creation”) is a realization of the cultural group “Jongo da Serrinha”. Jongo is a cultural manifestation of essentially rural Africans directly linked to African culture in Brazil. Aimed at an audience of young people and adults the project realized creative activities in the field of music, especially dedicated to composition and production in the studio.

    Luis Filipe de Lima about the CD:
    “African heritage on Brazilian ground, synthesis of ancient fertility rites, the border between music, dance and magic. So is Jongo – Jongo of the old blacks, which came to our days by the hand of his great-grandchildren and today enchants people beyond the hills, terraces and Quilombos where it was planted. Result of this entrancement, the CD “Estudio de Criação” brings together eight tracks where Jongo is freely revisited by producers and composers from Rio and of various profiles, with the common element in the use of modern digital tools for recording, editing, mixing and sound processing. Sign of these times in which the musical creation is increasingly embedded in technology. The Jongo of the ancestral drums is here electronic too, jongo jungle, reframing and experiment.”

  • João Cassiano’s Nomade Riddims

    João Cassiano from João Pessoa, the capital of Paraiba state in Brazil, is busy as illustrator, DJ, percussionist and beatmaker since the 90s. He is working with the bands Real Futuro Antigo and Chico Correa Electric Band. His solo project is called Nomade Riddim and he runs a podcast called Third World Esthetic on DaDa Radio.

    Download his latest Volume of the Nomade Riddim series here.

  • Vida Seca – Som de Sucata

    Vida Seca was created by members of a street carnival band that used scrap and waste as raw material for constructing musical instruments. They explore timbres and sonorities obtained from these materials researching and re-reading Brazilian , African and Latin American rhythms. They also compose music, produce tools and teach workshops. These works seek to instigate people to our social and environmental reality through an artistic and pedagogical discourse that questions and proposes actions.