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  • Chillumbia Mixtape

    A guest mixtape with some chilled out Cumbia for the 34 Mag from Minsk for their New Years Eve (pre/after)party special which features more mixtapes from Stereobeaver, KorneJ and others as well.


    01. Rafael Aragon – Mi Secreto
    02. DJ Nirso – Cumbiambera Tripolar (Señor Chancho Remix)
    03. Los Titanes – Linda Yolita
    04. Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia – Tierra madre
    05. DJ Neber – Ven Mi Amore
    06. El Remolón – El Preferido (Qechuaboi remix)
    07. SidiRum – La Danza De Las Trompas (Cocotaxi Remix)
    08. Tribilin Sound – Barrancore (TropiKhongo Remix)
    09. Reptilian Commander – Kay Pacha
    10. Panther Panther! – Sueños Profundos
    11. Cuerdas de Venezuela – La Arpita Mágica (El Búho Remix)
    12. frijoleroryddim – Zouk-Tiken jah-Amadou Et Mariam-Salif Keita (Cumbia Edit)
    13. Panchasila – Lam Pheune (Cumbia Molam)

  • Batavia Beats Mixtape

    Mixtape of Hip Hop and Rap stuff from Jakarta, formerly known as Batavia.

    1. Sweet Martabak – Ada Sumur Di Ladang
    2. Saykoji – So Wat Gitu Loh
    3. Rotra – Jagal Prabu
    4. Saykoji – Eyyo
    5. 2nd Clan – Benthik
    6. Too Phat – Nasty Girl
    7. Ahli Fiqir – Inilah Barisan Kita
    8. Panji – Bajak Lagu Ini

  • w∆lla-C – T∆mborimOdyssey

    “wΔlla| C is an MC/Beatmaker from Rio de Janeiro, now resident in Perth WA. Producing beats for over 2 years now, he draws from diverse influences such as jazz, funk, blaxploitation, afrofuturism, glitch, lo-fi beats, afrobeat, brazilian folk, amongst others.
    T∆mborimOdyssey consists of 6 instrumental tracks combining rap beats, traditional brazilian music, synths and textures. The work implies a suave atmosphere with acoustic guitars, percussion and striking samba rhythms.”

    Free download from his Bandcamp page.

  • 3 MOZquiteiros – FRELIMU (Frente de Libertação de Música)

    Mozambique is actually not much on the musical map of the world despite it’s original music styles such as Pandza, Marrabenta and the sound of the Mbila (kind of xylophone). Regarding Hip Hop and electronic music the national artists focus more on copying the western style or those of the big brother South Africa.
    But there is a group that makes a difference: Three young talented rappers (Rainha Da Sucata, Eddie Angel e Neovaldo Paulo) from Maputo present a crazy fusion of Hip Hop, Trap, Kwaito and traditional elements of Mozambican music on their mixtape FRELIMU.
    The name of the mixtape is not just a phonetic imitation of the party FRELIMO that is ruling Mozambique now, as Neovaldo Paulo explains: “The use of the name is as well a reference to the fact that we are trying the same as FRELIMO did in the socio-political field which was freeing the country from colonization, but we want to liberate it in a musical and cultural way to the world. In the track FRE-LI-MU we aproach the current situation in the country that suffers a ‘cultural semi-colonization’.” And it has to do as well with another current situation in Mozambique: The return of the civil war. “The problems of the country make the people look for refuge in everything that comes from outside as a form of ‘relaxing’. And we want to show that this is possible with what is ours mixing the music of the ‘good cultural era’ with new music, more globalized, creating the fusion of the mixtape”, explains Neovaldo.

    Get the whole thing here or from Soundcloud and check the video.

  • Criolo Doido – Singles, Parcerias e Raridades

    “The purpose of the compilation “Singles, partnerships and rarities” is to rediscover the lost path – once seen as a break – between the careers of today and the old Crioli Doido through partnerships, rarities and inaccessible tracks compiling them into a single volume.”

    Via Hominis Canidae

    1) Ribeirão (Rodrigo Campos) – Rodrigo Campos e Criolo. In: “Bahia Fantástica” (2012)
    2) Vasilhame (Criolo Doido) – Criolo Doido. In: “Single – Vasilhame” (≈ 2008)
    3) Para Mulatu (Gui Amabis/Criolo) – Gui Amabis e Criolo. In: “Memórias Luso-Africanas” (2011)
    4) 500 Anos (de porra nenhuma) (?) – Stillo Radical e Criolo Doido. In: “O Início da Reação” (2006)
    5) Não Bolô Porque? (Criolo Doido) – Criolo Doido. In: “Músicas Novas Criolo Doido” (2010)
    6) Vem Comigo (Criolo Doido) – Criolo Doido. In: ? (2008 ~ 2010)
    7) Andar Como Terrorista (?) – Criolo Doido. In: ?
    8) Sucrilhos (Criolo Doido) – Criolo Doido. In: “Músicas Novas Criolo Doido” (2010)
    9) (Pra que) Cerol (Criolo Doido) – Criolo Doido. In: “Músicas Novas Criolo Doido” (2010)
    10) Samba Sambei (Criolo Doido) – Criolo Doido. In: “Músicas Novas Criolo Doido” (2010)
    11) Grajauex (Criolo Doido) – Criolo Doido. In: “Músicas Novas Criolo Doido” (2010)
    12) Pode Chorar (?) – Oficina da Rima e Criolo Doido. In: ?
    13) ??????????????? – Criolo e Mulatu Astatke. In: ao vivo Rádio BBC 6. (2012)