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  • OQuadro

    The band OQuadro from Ilheus, south of Bahia, has just released their first album, and promises to give his fans with a quite peculiar run Hip-Hop. With the versatility of shows played ​​with instruments (bass, drums, guitar, percussion and electronics) the group drew from the beginning attention to the innovation of its arrangements. Different topics in various compositions, with engaging lyrics, influenced by other arts, like literature and film, show a characteristic way of exposing the typical language of rap. Add to that musical compositions that emanate influences ranging from Dub to Afrobeat and flirting with jazz, black rock, Samba and Ijexá.
    Produced and mixed by Buguinha Dub.

    Listen from Soundcloud or download for free from their website.

  • Jogja Joy Mixtape

    Selection of some Indonesian stuff: Dangdut, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, Chill…

    01. Unknown
    02. Jambu Alas
    03. Darso – Sarua Jeung Bohong
    04. Ki Djarot feat. Jogja Hiphop – Jogja Istimewa
    05. Jahanam – Cintamu Sepahit Topi Miring
    06. Saykoji – Anak Singkong
    07. Ras Muhammad – Run Dat (Big Tune)
    08. Tony Q Rastafara – Lop Song
    09. Back 2 Soul – Jablay
    10. Bojo Nakal feat. Susan
    11. Cak Diqin – Sepur Argo Lawu
    12. Rama Sinta – Uun K
    13. Eny Sagita & Cak Rul – Wahenong Wektu

  • MC Ralph – Os Afro-Raps

    Translation of the accompanying text:

    Inspired by the Afro-Sambas of Vinicius de Moraes and Baden Powell this disc is to rescue the roots of a folk. Letters that address african-Brazilian spirituality, music full of samples and percussive elements. A mixture of scratches and drums, rhythm and poetry, saints and orixás. Asking for God’s blessing, and with the permission of the ancestors, I present with much respect and love: “The Afro-Raps.”


    The project “The Afro-rap” is more than a rap album. It is a rescue from the roots of Brazilian music itself.
    Rap music (rhythm and poetry) came up with this name in the suburbs of the United States. But far from being an Americanized culture, it finds its roots in the spoken canto of Jamaican reggae; and looking more deeply, we got to the oral tradition of “storytelling” of “griots” in Africa.
    We can feel the strong presence of Africa in our rap, despite the constant evolution that comes with the passage of time. In tone and theme of the lyrics, “The Afro-raps” also have a strong connection to samba and the “terreiro” (place for ceremonial gatherings of Afro-Brazilian religions). Thus, there is also a strong “Brazilianness” on this project. Beyond all question musical, “The Afro-raps” also have the mission to break prejudices that in the XXI century, still surround African-Brazilian spirituality. Each song of this project is related to a force of nature, an Orixá. “Dona Janaína” is connected to the sea (Iemanjá), “Quem foi?” is inspired by the strength of thunder (Xangô), “Okê Arô” is related to the woods (Oxóssi); and so continue the other tracks on the record. In the midst of urban poetry and its protest, we find a new way to praise the saints and martyrs showing that youth is still connected with the religious and cultural roots of our ancestors.
    The album has a finely tuned team of producers and musicians, as well as the participation of the rapper Emicida, Kene Konaman (lead singer of The Troop), and Mr. Jordan.


    Rapper, journalist, musical researcher, and composer. Audio operator at Radio 107.7 FM, the only educational radio Paraíba Valley. MC’s since 1999 and has released three albums (“Gírias nacionais”, “No fundo do baú”, e “Dá-me licença”).
    He is known for his art of Freestyle and is champion of the MC Battle at Hutuz Award (highest rap award in the country). With this he is more frequently present in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Supporter of the Hip Hop in the Paraíba Valley-SP for more than ten years, seeks to preserve this culture, breaking down prejudices and showing innovative work.


    And get an acapella here.

  • Coletivo Rádio Cipó – Formigando na Calçada do Brasil

    From their website:

    “Coletivo Rádio Cipó is a media hub for the production of sound, combined with the homemade digital audio technology in the production of sound experimental research. The objective is to this production for Brazil and abroad. The core of the CRC has been producing music in this project the authors of the Master Laurentino, Ms. Onet, Master Bereco group’s own stamp Sancari and Collective Radio Cipó. Music through partnership with the community, including the popular and modern and the urban and peripheral, including among them the process of growth and expansion of free digital communication. Allied to the thinking of the community, the project Collective RC has gradually been successful in the case concerning the change in quality of life and its better relationship with its own means. The CRC held in the experimental stage, testing with the free community (with tests performed on the streets of the neighborhood’s Quarry), inserting the edge into a channel of intercommunication to produce social, cultural, sound and entertainment. Musically, we can define this project as a merging of attitudes, Brazilian rhythms and regional (hill of funk, samba, points of terraces, stamp, batucadas, etc.). Experimentations with sound of hip-hop, dub, breakbeat, jungle, ragga, rock, Jamaican reggae. The design of the core of musical production is to achieve collective interference in the regional culture with the universal language of electronic music. The Collective Cipó Radio has a responsibility as this project, the importance of culture to contemporary Brazilian music. The project unites the culture of persons from the interior of the state of Pará, unknown by the media, by the people and culture of their own half. These artists have the opportunity to RC Collective to add their experiences and contribute to their art is recreated, resulting in the production of new cultural expressions.”

    Download the album here (direct download):

    01. Cowboy sem lei
    02. Matinha do cruzeiro
    03. Foguete
    04. Majey-O terror do setor
    05. Brasil especial
    06. Me considera
    07. Homem sem baralho
    08. Planeta canal
    09. Choque elétrico piau
    10. Maresia
    11. Amor Brejeiro
    12. Paixão Cabocla
    13. Lourinha Americana versão Dub Mix


  • Bebel Du Guetto

    My neighbor Bebel Do Guetto from Morro do Cantagalo was born in the state of Maranhão. She started to sing and to rap by the age of 12 and to write their own lyrics by 17 (she is 23 now). Bebel says her main influences are Elza Soares, Snoop Dog and Bob Marley.
    The foto was taken after we and MC Gringo watched the final of the state soccer championship. During the game she went totally crazy throwing hand-made fireworks/minibombs on her own veranda! Fortunately, her favourite team, Flamengo, won…


  • Funkero – Poesia Marginal Mixtape

    Funkero is one of the most talented and fastest Brazilian MCs. He participated two times in the final of the Liga dos MCs, a local battle competition, and appeared on several TV shows. His first solo album is mixed by DJ Negralha with whom he performs live as well.

    Funkero – Poesia Marginal

    01. Intro Poesia Marginal (Prod. by DJ Tamenpi)
    02. Clima Quente, Sangue Frio
    03. Varios Rolé (Prod. by Digital Dubs)
    04. Reliquia (Prod. by Iky Castilho)
    05. Ao Som Do Tamborzao (tambor/volt mix)
    06. Interlude Gostosa (Feat. Aori and Iky Castilho)
    07. O Que Que Essa Moça Tem (faminne riddim)
    08. Piloto de Fuga
    09. Interlude Poesia Marginal
    10. Nada Bem (Prod. by Gutierrez)
    11. Selva Urbana (Prod. by Iky Castilho) (Feat. Pai Lua)
    12. Geraçao $ (Remix) (Prod. by Iky Castilho) (Feat. Max B.O.,V100t, Iky Castilho)
    13. Aos Que Se Foram (trinere)
    14. Levando a Vida no Talento (Prod. by Iky Castilho)
    15. Em Toda Comunidade (Prod. by Digital Dubs)
    16. Interlude Lampiao
    17. Banditismo
    18. Sangue Guerreiro (Prod. by Iky Castilho)
    19. Fora da Lei (Prod. by DJ Babao)
    20. Tempo de Guerrilha (Prod. by Iky Castilho)
    21. Fim

  • MOZ Songs Mixtape

    Grabbed some sound on my recent trips to Mozambique: Pandza, Ragga, Dancehall, Kwaito, Hip Hop, probably Marrabenta and other styles.


    01. MC Roger – Moçambicanas Dançam Assim
    02. DRP – Nanana
    03. Marlene – Utomi Dza Kazata
    04. Denny OG – Minha Namorada
    05. DJ Frank & DJ Tchito – Casa Comigo
    06. Manunes Jackson – Estou a Mentir
    07. Rey Anaconda – Fim Da Escravatura
    08. DJ Dabo Feat. Beat Service – Vou T Dar Aulas (Sou Barra Pah)
    09. G Short – Deixa (Master Mix)
    10. Dama do Bling feat. Lizha James – Fat Chick
    11. Team Fresh – Style So fresh
    12. Trio Fam – J’yeah
    13. DH feat. Herminio – Moçambicanas
    14. Mr. Dino – Tititi
    15. Rei Dragão – Patrão
    16. H2O – Kali Kwanga
    17. Denny Og feat. Ziqo – Terezinha
    18. Esperança Bembele – Koma Koma (Produced By Shico)

    And here are some sites to get more:
    Esta Bater
    Só Música
    Sempre 1

    PS: The picture is from a 95-m-long mural in Maputo that tells the story of their revolution.

  • Brazilian Hip Hop Samba Rap Mixtape Part 1

    A guest mix for Maga Bo‘s radio show Sambacana on Spannered.


    01. B Negão & Seletores de Freqüência – V.V.
    02. A Filial – Brilha o sol
    03. Marcelo D2 – Sinistro
    04. Rappin’ Hood – Rap o som feliz
    05. Dom Negrone – O povo q vibra
    06. Z’África Brasil – A cor que falta na bandeira brasileira
    07. Sabotage – Cabeça de nego
    08. Alvos da Lei (Feat. Tribunal Popular) – O assalto
    09. Instituto – Dia de desfile
    10. MV Bill – 9 da manhã
    11. Parteum – O círculo
    12. Xis – Sonho meu