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  • Música Negra Del Perú: Festejos Al 100%

    A compilation of afro-peruvian music or música criolla. Combining African, Spanish and Andean influences the genre consists of various rythms and dances like Festejo, Landó, Marinera, Alcatraz and Pregon. One of its characteristic instruments is the cajón, a wooden box for playing percussions that has been invented by the African slaves. In lack of other musical instruments they just used the wooden boxes to play percussion. Nowadays the cajón is more known for its use in Spanisch Flamenco music.

    When I bought the CD in Lima it looked pretty original, with CD box and high quality printing. Then I saw that there was written “Made in Mexico” and that “records are Argentinean industry culture”… Finally I figuered out that the cover has been taken from another compilation and that the rest of the cover is just teasing of the pirate inluding a peach…

    Download link in comments.