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  • Punta de Perlas Mixtape

    The Garifuna people is a black ethnic group that has a quite turbulent history. They are a mix of shipwrecked slaves, Arawak and Carib Indians from Saint Vincent, but have never been enslaved. After the British definitely took control over the island, they where deported to Roatán Island/Honduras from where they spread over the Caribbean coast of Central America, mainly Belize, Honduras and Nicaragua. Their rich cultural heritage has been recognized by UNESCO in 2001. Their traditional music styles are Punta and Paranda. From the 80ies on Punta developed into what nowadays is called Punta Rock. This style incorporates elements from other Caribbean genres such as Soca and Salsa.
    The tracks of this Mix of Punta Rock have been gathered mostly with a local DJ from Laguna de Perlas/Nicarágua where the cover foto has been shot too.