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  • Digitaldubs – #1

    Digital Dubs started in 2001 as the first sound system specialized in Reggae, Dub and Dancehall in Rio de Janeiro. Their releases feature international vocalists like Ranking Joe, Earl Sixteen, Tippa Irie and Brinsley Forde as well as Brazilian artists like B Negão, Mr. Catra, Ras Bernardo, Jeru Banto and Dada Yute. They just released their fourth album on their own label and distributor (Muzamba) that has been produced by Marcus MPC and Nelson Meirelles.


  • Positivo

    Positivo is a multicultural music project with five ingredients: Roots Afro Beat from Mozambique, Rocking blues from Austria, Reggae dub live, hip-hop and french contemporary punk jazz.
    But it’s not only about music, from their website:

    “Associação Positivo Moçambique is a group of artists and activists created in 2007 with the aim of using music in a truly unique participatory approach for HIV/AIDS campaigns and awareness raising. Using music as a tool for social change Positivo has developed a method for highly effective public health messaging in Mozambique. Positivo listen to communities and record their lyrics with powerful and relevant messages about HIV/AIDS. We do not impose messages from outside. We work together with communities, have them raise questions and work together on a knowledge basis to reduce misunderstanding and myths on HIV/AIDS topics.”

    Here are some tracks of their album “No Time” that has been released in early 2009 on Guten Tag Verlag:

    Positivo – Passane Pão (Download or listen)

    Positivo – Africa (Dub Version) (Download or listen)

    And get more tracks and recordings on their website.


  • Coletivo Rádio Cipó – Formigando na Calçada do Brasil

    From their website:

    “Coletivo Rádio Cipó is a media hub for the production of sound, combined with the homemade digital audio technology in the production of sound experimental research. The objective is to this production for Brazil and abroad. The core of the CRC has been producing music in this project the authors of the Master Laurentino, Ms. Onet, Master Bereco group’s own stamp Sancari and Collective Radio Cipó. Music through partnership with the community, including the popular and modern and the urban and peripheral, including among them the process of growth and expansion of free digital communication. Allied to the thinking of the community, the project Collective RC has gradually been successful in the case concerning the change in quality of life and its better relationship with its own means. The CRC held in the experimental stage, testing with the free community (with tests performed on the streets of the neighborhood’s Quarry), inserting the edge into a channel of intercommunication to produce social, cultural, sound and entertainment. Musically, we can define this project as a merging of attitudes, Brazilian rhythms and regional (hill of funk, samba, points of terraces, stamp, batucadas, etc.). Experimentations with sound of hip-hop, dub, breakbeat, jungle, ragga, rock, Jamaican reggae. The design of the core of musical production is to achieve collective interference in the regional culture with the universal language of electronic music. The Collective Cipó Radio has a responsibility as this project, the importance of culture to contemporary Brazilian music. The project unites the culture of persons from the interior of the state of Pará, unknown by the media, by the people and culture of their own half. These artists have the opportunity to RC Collective to add their experiences and contribute to their art is recreated, resulting in the production of new cultural expressions.”

    Download the album here (direct download):

    01. Cowboy sem lei
    02. Matinha do cruzeiro
    03. Foguete
    04. Majey-O terror do setor
    05. Brasil especial
    06. Me considera
    07. Homem sem baralho
    08. Planeta canal
    09. Choque elétrico piau
    10. Maresia
    11. Amor Brejeiro
    12. Paixão Cabocla
    13. Lourinha Americana versão Dub Mix