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  • Dale Tumbao Mixtape

    Mixtape of Mexican Reggaeton. Actually I am not sure if it is all Mexican, but at least I got the stuff there and as there is not much info on artists in the tags, it’s difficult to check.


    01. Somo De La Calle
    02. DJ Rasec – La Cumbia Drums
    03. Pam Pa’ Las Mujeres
    04. DJ Kachorro & DJ Chango – Tumbao Oriental
    05. DJ Pablito – Muevete Suave (Original Reggaeton Mix)
    06. Urbek DJ – Bien Tumbao (Remix)
    07. Que No Pare El Bailoteo
    08. Dale Movimiento
    09. Vamos Rumbiar
    10. Quiero Saber Donde Están
    11. Muevete Con El Cu
    12. Mega y Kenai – Me La Voy A Comer
    13. Quiere Mi Cosita

    And for all the football freaks I highly recommend my buddy DJ 440’s World Cup Mixtape full of Brazilian goodies.

  • Sacassaia

    Sacassaia from Brasília produce a very interesting mixture of Brazilian styles and other Latin-American rhythms together with Rap and Dub.

    From their website:
    “In the first semester of 2008 the DJ/MC/composer Gardenel (Gabriel Gardenal) and the musician/DJ/composer/audio engineer Tony Roballo (Tomás Seferin) got together to create a new musical project. Within a year’s work, and with the participation of some of the most talented musicians born or based in Brasilia, among them Renato Matos, Indiana Nomma, Massala Pacome, Luiz Olivieri, Raggademente and Moisés Alves, twelve tracks were recorded, setup, mixed and masterized. After many debates, ballots, numerological and kabbalistic calculations, the group has got its name – Sacassaia. This name, taken from Mário de Andrade’s literary work Macunaíma, is the name of a very aggressive species of army ant: “A tristura talqualmente correição de sacassaia viera na taba and devorara até o silêncio. – Sadness, likewisely a sacassaia raid, came and devoured even silence itself.” The album was recorded at Estúdio 104 (Brasilia, Brazil) and the tracks mixed at Estúdio 104 and Uns aos Outros (Brasilia, Brazil) and Farmfresh Áudio (Barcelona, Spain). Masterized by Michael Fossenkemper, at Turtletone Studio, (New York, USA).”

    You can download the whole album for free on their website.

  • La Villa Cumbiera Mixtape

    Cumbia Villera (from the villas, as low income settlements in Buenos Aires are called) is the Argentinean “ghetto” version of Cumbia, originated from Colombian Cumbia and was brought to Argentina by immigrants. In the late 90’s it got more and more played with and transformed by electronic music equipment. The vocalists started as well to sing lyrics about about sex, drugs and crime. The result is a stumbling and laid-back beat with straight bassdrum and crazy, twisted and bended keyboard lines.

    There is very good information on Cumbia Villera on the internet:
    Cumbia Villera on Wikipedia
    Cumbia Feature in Fader Magazine written by Cumbia expert DJ/ Rupture
    Droppin’ Some Knowledge, Part 3 – Musicology
    “The people will be heard” in The Guardian
    La cumbia villera y el fin de la cultura del trabajo en la Argentina de los 90 (in Spanish)
    Um breve panorama #1 – CUMBIA (in Portuguese)


    01. Dany Lescano – Cumbia Cabeza
    02. Repiola – Danza Repiola
    03. Gran Hermano – El Beso De Osito
    04. Meta Guacha – No Te Bongas Brava
    05. El Gasty – De Izquierda A Derecha
    06. Monoblock – Los Cumbieros
    07. La Repandilla – Traka Traka
    08. Los Pibes Chorros – Gatillo
    09. Yerba Brava – Activando Cumbia
    10. Los Pibes De La 2 – Muevelo, Muevelo
    11. Suena Rototón – El Pelotero
    12. La Peluca De Mirta – El Pasito Del Avión
    13. El Perro – Floggers
    14. El Tecla – El Baile
    15. La Liga – RMXS Lalo DJ
    16. La Banda De Lechuga – Mi Chiquita (Remix)
    17. Damas Gratis – Se Te Ve La Tanga Feat. Reyes Vallenatos (Cristian Dee Jay Remix)
    18. El Original – Pégate A Lo Mio
    19. Cumbieton – El Cuchulum (Remix)
    20. El Polaco – Para Que Lo Muevas (Remix)
    21. El Empuje – Pito chiquitito (Marcela Baños Remix)
    22. Altos Cumbieros – La Cola Less
    23. El Baile Del Oso – Baila Baila
    24. Eh Guacho – Apreitato
    25. La Base – Alta Gira Por La Matanza
    26. Sonido Básico – Sabes Quien Soy

    And here are some resources for downloading Cumbia Villera:
    Los Del Tablón