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  • André Sampaio & Os AfroMandinga – Desaguou

    André Sampaio is lead guitarist of one of the most popular Roots Reggae bands from Brazil, “Ponto de Equilibrio”, and a pioneer of the new wave of Brazilian musicians working with Afrobeat. But the ingredients used for his first solo album “Desauguou” do not finish here. Jazz, Blues, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, Dub and Samba are also part of the explosive and diversified mixture that he and his band brew together. Counting with the participation of guest musicians from Brazil, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mozambique and Portugal André Sampaio says he is dedicated to contructing a bridge to “unite tradition and modernity, africanity and brazilianess through sound”.

    Mixed in big by Buguinha Dub the record gains a 60s/70s flavor and extra Dub versions from Brazil’s Dub master.
    Apart of own songs the album counts with two cover tracks from Jorge Bem and Nelson Cavaquinho.

    Free download from his website.

  • Ba-Boom – Incendeia

    “Well tempered Brazilian-Jamaican music, for all tastes, eyes and ears, which satisfies the senses and causes the body to dance. Connecting ideas with lyrics that speak about the everyday, the street, the human being, politics and culture. Strong rhythm with catchy melodies and well stuffed arrangements. Versatile formation allowing the band to pass through several musical languages ​​with originality, from Brazilian popular music like Baião, Afoxé and Maculelê to modern Jamaican Ragga/Dancehall. Reference to Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz and some Latin rhythms like Salsa. Samba and good and old Ska is not missing either.”

    Get their CD for free via their website.

  • The Best Of MPBC Mix

    Phonogram-Polygram released between 1978 and 1981 a series of records called MPBC which means Música Popular Brasileira Contemporânea (Contemporary Popular Brazilian Music). But has less to do with MPB or other Brazilian Pop music, but in fact with Jazz and Fusion combined with Brazilian styles like Samba, Bossa Nova and Forró. The purpose of the 11 LPs was to show new diverse tendencies of instrumental music from professional musicians, composers and arrangers.

    Download the whole album of each artist by clicking on the name, thanks to the great Abracadabra blog.


    01. Djalma Côrrea – Piano de cuia
    02. Luiz Cláudio Ramos – Ladeira do Tambá
    03. Robertinho Silva – Bionico
    04. Célia Vaz – Mar á tona no Leblon
    05. Nelson Ayres – Mientras
    06. Marcos Resende & Index – Macacheira
    07. Aécio Flávio & Quartesanato – Zero grau
    08. Túlio Mourão – Barro doce
    09. Octávio Burnier – Aproximação
    10. Nivaldo Ornelas – Ninfas
    11. Stenio Mendes – A barca dos homens, Aquarela do Brasil, 2001 uma odisséia no espaço, Hava nagilah

  • Songoro Cosongo – Misturado Com Cachaça Fica Muito Bom

    I have recently been to a very nice show of Songoro Cosongo. Founded in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro, the band is made up of musicians from Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia and Chile and thus what they play is a mixture of Brazilian music, Latin rythms, Reggae and Jazz. They describe their style as “Psicotropical Musik”. Check their website for videos and other stuff.

    Songoro Cosongo – Misturado Com Cachaça Fica Muito Bom

    01. Começa a valer a partir de agora
    02. Sancocho
    03. Litros de Carinho
    04. Songoro Cosongo
    05. Aipim
    06. Yorunga
    07. Kilos de Amor
    08. Merengue de Invierno
    09. Ilha Grande
    10. Frevintcho
    11. Chorumbia
    12. Maracujá

    (direct download from their page)

  • Jorge Ben Tribute Mix

    This mix is a tribute to the master of Sambarock, Jorge Ben, containing cover versions of his songs in various styles of Brazilian music of the 60’s and 70’s.


    01. Que Maravilha – Os Brazões
    02. Cadê Tereza – Os Originais Do Samba
    03. Chove Chuva – Elza Soares
    04. Que Pena (Ele Já Não Gosta Mais De Mim) – Gal Costa
    05. Crioula – Os Incríveis
    06. Ela É Minha Menina – Os Carbonos
    07. Agora, Ninguém Chora Mais – Erasmo Carlos
    08. Morre O Burro, Fica O Homem – Osmar Milito
    09. Amante Amado – Emílio Santiago
    10. Tá Na Hora – Bedeu
    11. Rita Jeep – Osmar Milito
    12. País Tropical – Dom Salvador
    13. Fio Maravilha – Tania Maria
    14. O Telefone Tocou Novamente – Som Três
    15. Cosa Nostra – Meirelles E Sua Orchestra
    16. Taj Mahal – Brasil 4 Ever
    17. Capoeira – Eumir Deodato & Os Catedráticos
    18. Mas Que Nada – Os Intocáveis
    19. Oba Lá Vem Ela – Milton Banana Trio
    20. Pulo Pulo – Zimbo Trio
    21. Tim Dom Dom – João Donato e Seu Trio
    22. Por Causa De Você Menina – Bossa Rio
    23. Zazueira – Elis Regina
    24. Bebeto Vão Bora – Wilson Das Neves
    25. Caramba!… Galileu Da Galileia – De Savoya
    26. Camisa 10 – Luis Américo
    27. Brother – Emílio Santiago
    28. Maria Domingas – Trio Mocotó

    Jorge Ben whose real name is Jorge Duílio Lima Meneses is known for his special guitar and music style. In his first fase he was dedicated to Bossa Nova. His first and maybe biggest hit “Mas Que Nada” has gained new popularity in the version of Sérgio Mendes feat. Black Eyed Peas in 2006. When he adopted to play electric guitar in the 70’s he created the style called Sambarock. The records of this decade are marked as well by esoteric influences. In the 80’s when his sound tourned into more Pop he became famous in the US. By then he changed his name to Jorge Ben Jor. The reason for this seems to be not quite sure, but most probably the purpose was not to be confused with George Benson. His latest record Recuerdos de Asunción 443 comprises almost only unreleased material of the 70’s and 80’s. The songs only have been finished in 2007 after the forgotten tapes have been found in the studio of Som Livre residing in Rua do Assunção 443 in Rio de Janeiro.
    Get most of his records here and specials and more goodies here.

    The best new recent covers are from Los Sebosos Postiços. The band is made up of members of Nação Zumbi and Mundo Livre S/A from Recife’s Manguebeat movement. They make re-interpretations mostly of the less popular songs and do this in an unique style between MPB, Indie and Dub. Get a live recording here.


  • Brazilian Hip Hop Samba Rap Mixtape Part 1

    A guest mix for Maga Bo‘s radio show Sambacana on Spannered.


    01. B Negão & Seletores de Freqüência – V.V.
    02. A Filial – Brilha o sol
    03. Marcelo D2 – Sinistro
    04. Rappin’ Hood – Rap o som feliz
    05. Dom Negrone – O povo q vibra
    06. Z’África Brasil – A cor que falta na bandeira brasileira
    07. Sabotage – Cabeça de nego
    08. Alvos da Lei (Feat. Tribunal Popular) – O assalto
    09. Instituto – Dia de desfile
    10. MV Bill – 9 da manhã
    11. Parteum – O círculo
    12. Xis – Sonho meu