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  • Tsonga Dance Mixtape

    The high speed lo-fi music from South Africa called Shangaan Electro came to the ears of a wider global public with the release of a compilation in 2010 and due to its insane dance style. Created by Nozinja (watch him in the video below) this music style combines uptempo midi beats with marimbas, African chants and traditional influences from the Shangaan/Tsonga people of Eastern South Africa. The mixtape presents a selection of this pure craziness I grabbed when visiting Soweto some years ago.


  • Dhamma Baby

    African Dope‘s Fletcher just released as Dhamma Baby a free album of “deep space dub music, subsonic rumblings, glitched out melodies and frequencies from other dimensions”.


    “the second part of the album is something quite unusual. with this recording you can learn the ancient meditation technique of feeling the touch of your breath, called anapana sati. you can put the mp3s onto your phone or laptop and listen with headphones. once you are comfortable with the technique you can use the meditation timer on track 2 to practice whenever the opportunity arises. mediation is a very practical exercise that help you to move from a mode of thinking to a mode of feeling. the benefits of this in your daily life are unbelievable.”