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  • ¿Qué tal, Tribal?

    Some fresh Mexican Tribal!

    My buddy Acorde On told me that the Mexican Tribal stuff has not much to do with “Ghettotech”: It is played basically as warm-up on (upper) middle class house and techno parties…



  • Tribalismo Tropical Mixtape

    This quite new sound from Mexico has been referred to as “Tribal Guarachero” on Dutty Artz and other sites, but when I asked around the CD sellers in D.F./Mexico I just saw question marks in their faces. They just called it Tribal. But maybe the problem was my Spanish… Anyway, Paul Devro who posted a great Mix of the stuff on Mad Decent isn’t sure either how to call it. For me it’s Technocumbia or Tribalcumbia!


    01. Danza Azteca
    02. La Culebrita
    03. DJ Retro – Babaninko
    04. Chango
    05. El Ballo
    06. DJ Retro – Guarachosa
    07. El Ritmo De La Petaka Tribal
    08. DJ Gato – Topota Madre
    09. Danza
    10. Damas Gratis – Se Te Ve La Tanga
    11. A Ritmo De Los Manos
    12. Cumbia Tribal
    13. Vamos A Bailar
    14. Vive La Fiesta
    15. Prehispanik
    16. DJ Sobrino – Automation
    17. Oaxaqueño

    Thanks to Robin from Filet Mignon for the grafics, foto © SoundGoods.

  • Fiesta Influenza

    Got this CD with macabre title on a street market in Mexico City. It’s mostly crap Pop stuff, but some interesting Tribal/Technocumbia on it too. They use to put a minimix of some of the tracks as first track on the CDs.
    So this is that Intromix giving an overview and one more track.

    Stay tuned on this blog for more Mexican sounds to come soon!