Buguinha Dub – Vitrola Adubada

Buguinha Dub is sound engineer of Nação Zumbi one of the bands of Recife‘s Mangue Beat movement. In april 2009 he released this solo album on the French netlabel Les Cristaux Liquident.

01. Abre caminhos
02. Liberate
03. Adubando
04. Fino da massa 1
05. Gafieira adubada
06. Tubarão de bacia
07. Troca adubada
08. Satisfação
09. O desejo e o mote
10. Celebrando a vida

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  1. […] The band OQuadro from Ilheus, south of Bahia, has just released their first album, and promises to give his fans with a quite peculiar run Hip-Hop. With the versatility of shows played ​​with instruments (bass, drums, guitar, percussion and electronics) the group drew from the beginning attention to the innovation of its arrangements. Different topics in various compositions, with engaging lyrics, influenced by other arts, like literature and film, show a characteristic way of exposing the typical language of rap. Add to that musical compositions that emanate influences ranging from Dub to Afrobeat and flirting with jazz, black rock, Samba and Ijexá. Produced and mixed by Buguinha Dub. […]

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