Funkero – Poesia Marginal Mixtape

Funkero is one of the most talented and fastest Brazilian MCs. He participated two times in the final of the Liga dos MCs, a local battle competition, and appeared on several TV shows. His first solo album is mixed by DJ Negralha with whom he performs live as well.

Funkero – Poesia Marginal

01. Intro Poesia Marginal (Prod. by DJ Tamenpi)
02. Clima Quente, Sangue Frio
03. Varios Rolé (Prod. by Digital Dubs)
04. Reliquia (Prod. by Iky Castilho)
05. Ao Som Do Tamborzao (tambor/volt mix)
06. Interlude Gostosa (Feat. Aori and Iky Castilho)
07. O Que Que Essa Moça Tem (faminne riddim)
08. Piloto de Fuga
09. Interlude Poesia Marginal
10. Nada Bem (Prod. by Gutierrez)
11. Selva Urbana (Prod. by Iky Castilho) (Feat. Pai Lua)
12. Geraçao $ (Remix) (Prod. by Iky Castilho) (Feat. Max B.O.,V100t, Iky Castilho)
13. Aos Que Se Foram (trinere)
14. Levando a Vida no Talento (Prod. by Iky Castilho)
15. Em Toda Comunidade (Prod. by Digital Dubs)
16. Interlude Lampiao
17. Banditismo
18. Sangue Guerreiro (Prod. by Iky Castilho)
19. Fora da Lei (Prod. by DJ Babao)
20. Tempo de Guerrilha (Prod. by Iky Castilho)
21. Fim

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  1. where can i download?