Russo Passapusso – Paraíso da Miragem

Known for being lead vocalist at BaianaSystem and Bemba Trio one would expect from Russo Passapussos debut album some Reggae, Dub and Dancehall infused Bahian music or the like, but it’s not. Produced by Curumin, Zé Nigro and Lucas Martins he rereads vintage MPB, Samba, Funk and Rock with special participations of BNegão, Edgard Scandurra, Anelis Assumpção e Marcelo Jeneci.

Download for free from his website.

3 Responses to Russo Passapusso – Paraíso da Miragem

  1. Avatar alpharomano
    alpharomano says:

    very good for the first album!, obrigado!

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